Microsoft to roll out Windows 8 Mail, Calendar, and People app updates

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Microsoft previously promised to release updates to Windows 8 core apps before Windows Blue becomes available, and it seems we don’t have to wait long before that happens – these updates will roll out tomorrow, Tuesday, March 26, according to a post on the company’s official blog. Microsoft Communications Manager Brandon LeBlanc revealed that your Mail, Calendar, and People apps will go through significant improvements if you choose to download and install the new versions when they roll out. Your Windows Store icon will prompt you once they become available for download. Simply launch the Store and click the Updates link to get them. 



The Mail app now supports multiple accounts, so you can switch between them whenever you please. This is extremely useful if you have more than one account that you use for different purposes. You can also filter your unread messages for easy access to newly received emails, as well as flag important ones for reference later on. Whenever you write up an email, clicking on the To line will automatically suggest contacts you email the most. Drafts show up on top of your inbox or as part of a thread if you’re replying to an email you received. In addition to those features, you can now also search servers for old emails that the Mail app has already deleted after a two-week timeframe. 



In addition to adding a Work Week view, Microsoft cleaned up the Calendar app’s look by replacing color block schedules with white ones marked by thin color strips at the side. If your company uses a Microsoft Exchange business account, the person scheduling your meetings can see the availability of everyone involved, as well as send out invitations and emails to all participants within the Calendar app. If you hold regular meetings, you’ll be glad to know the new app has more recurrence options, including the ability to set an end date if you don’t want the schedule to populate your calendar forever. 



To access the new People app, simply right click to bring up app commands or swipe down from the top if you’re using a touchscreen device. The new navigation bar lets you switch between your own profile where you can post updates and the “What’s New” page where you can see your friends’ newest social media updates. Note that you can filter posts by social network (Facebook or Twitter) and even reply to friends’ Facebook posts right from the People app.