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Thanks for joining our live chat! Microsoft’s Windows 10 event was a box of surprises

cortana in windows 10 will support six new countries including japan australia and canada v2
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Microsoft revealed the future of the Windows operating system today on January 21. It was an action-packed event with several key surprises and a few unsolved mysteries. We really enjoyed our live chat with readers — Thanks for joining us!

Windows 10 brings us a unified platform, Xbox game streaming, and holograms. Here’s everything we learned from the event, including news for mobile, PCs, gaming, and more.

News from the event

Earlier news on Windows 10:

We were live at the Microsoft event, and we’ll add more hands on posts soon, so keep an eye out! In the meantime, you can watch the entire event here:

Thanks for joining our live chat, everyone! We enjoyed your commentary, and we’ll do another one soon.

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