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Stream your Xbox One games to Windows 10 devices later in 2015

windows 10 xbox app gaming and streaming forza horizon 2
Xbox is coming to Windows 10 in a fairly major way. The first details come from Microsoft’s Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, in an on-stage appearance at the Windows 10 reveal event.

There are lots of pieces to this news, but the marquee item for many gamers is the in-home Xbox One game streaming on devices powered by Windows 10. Spencer showed a brief demo of 2014’s Forza Horizon 2 running on a Microsoft Surface tablet during the presentation.

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Once a console and a Windows 10 device are paired together, streaming a game is as simple as clicking (or tapping) on its title in the new Xbox app. The feature works with all Windows 10 PCs and tablets, according to Spencer.

Plenty of questions remain. Xbox One game streaming presumably also requires the Xbox One to run in Instant On mode rather than Power Save. There’s also the question of how much of a user’s library is accessible; it’s possible to purchase and download items from the Xbox Games Store and store them on the hard drive, but what about disc-based games?

Expect answers to these questions and others when Microsoft reveals more details at the annual Game Developer’s Conference in March 2015.

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