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Nintendo’s tiltable Switch charger stand makes it easier to play while powered

Nintendo has a brand-new Switch accessory up its sleeve that will make it easier to charge the portable console while you play in tabletop mode. The stand has an adjustable leg on the back of it which makes it possible to angle your Switch however you like while charging it. Although third-party versions of such a stand have been available for a while now, this Nintendo branded solution is a compact, officially supported option.

One of the major features of the Nintendo Switch is its portability. That’s meant that gamers can play while in different rooms in their house, on public transport, or the other side of the world from the system’s faithful dock — as long as the battery lasts. However, charging up the Switch while it’s being played in tabletop mode isn’t easy. That’s where the new adjustable charge stand comes in.

Mimicking the Switch’s own ability to operate in a mode similar to 2-in-1 laptops in tent mode, the new adjustable stand has a charger built into the base which can be connected to a wall outlet to provide power. The leg at the back can be adjusted through a range of angles so that the viewing angle of the Switch’s display can be customized for the environment and player seating.

It’s not the most affordable of stands, with a launch price of $20 when it becomes available on July 13. Third-party alternatives can be found for half that price if you’re willing to forgo the adjustable nature of the stand, but even some capable of adjustment exist for a reduced price. Some of the best Switch accessories even offer expanded battery life and charging capacity for the Switch itself and the Joy-Con controllers in an all-in-one package.

That’s not all you can customize your Switch with, though. If you find yourself taking your Switch far from home, having the right carry case is a must. The best ones have everything from additional padding, to plenty of space for controllers and carry handles. Considering how diminutive the new adjustable charging stand is, you should be able to fit one in there, too.

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