The best Nintendo Switch cases offer quality and style

The Nintendo Switch is unlike other current-generation consoles. With both docked and portable modes, it’s easy to play at home or on the move. Because of the platform’s unique design, however, you will definitely want to get a case if you plan on taking it out and about frequently.

There are two distinct kinds of Switch cases: A smaller, sleeker version that protects the base console and allows you to easily play it on the go, and another case meant for more serious transportation that includes enough space to transport the console, your dock, and any other accessories you might have.

Small Cases

Orzly Carry Case ($13)

The snug design and hard plastic exterior of the Orzly Carry Case make it an excellent option for protecting your Switch, one that will easily fit in your purse or backpack. But if stashing your console in the bottom of your bag isn’t your thing, this case also has a handle that allows you to carry it like a briefcase. The Orzly Carry Case includes a cushioned flap that can store eight game cartridges and further protect your screen from harm, as well as a mesh pouch in the upper section of the case for your smaller but still essential Switch accessories. It doesn’t have space to accommodate larger accessories, but if you’re just looking to bring your Switch along for your commute or to a local coffee shop, this case will likely fit the bill. It currently comes in black, blue, pink, and red.

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PDP Starter Kit with Travel Case ($23)

The PDP Switch Starter Kit is a well-made, Nintendo licensed product that has everything you need to transport your Switch in style. Besides the case — which is made of soft, durable canvas outfitted with a long strap — the Starter Kit also comes with a screen protector, applicator, cleaning cloth, Joy-Con gel grips, and a pair of wired earbuds that feature a built-in microphone. The case has enough room to comfortably store your console (with the Joy-Cons attached) under a large elastic band that covers your screen. There is also a cushioned insert that allows you to store up to 12 game cards on one side while providing additional protection for your console. PDP sells this case in several different designs, allowing you to show your appreciation for both Mario and The Legend of Zelda.

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S-Charge Charging Case($85)

best nintendo switch accessories switchcharge

The S-Charge — previously called the SwitchCharge — doesn’t offer the same enclosed protection as some of the other cases on our list, but its built-in battery make it perfect for gaming on the game. With 10,000mAh of battery life, a robust stand, and built-in game card slots, you’ll be able to play your Switch for hours longer than you could on the console’s small built-in battery. As an added, bonus, the case can charge your cell phone via a USB port on the side, and a $110 bundle also packs in a traditional zipper-style case that can fit your Switch and the S-Charge at the same time.

Mumba Rugged Clear Case ($20)

best nintendo switch cases ruggedclearcase

If you want the protection of a full-fledged carrying case but need to play your Switch at a moment’s notice, Mumba’s Rugged Clear Case has you covered. It’s made of shock-absorbent materials and polycarbonate, and it’s designed to keep your console safe from drops you might encounter while playing. The back also has a slip-proof surface to keep it from falling off a table if you set it down in a precarious situation, and it has a one-piece design so you don’t have to worry about it coming apart. Perhaps the best part, however, is that it makes your Switch look tough without adding a substantial amount of size.


ButterFox Nintendo Switch Hard Carrying Case ($11)

This durable hard-shelled case protects your Switch not only from scratches, but also from drops. It also provides space to store up to 19 game cartridges, two MicroSD cards, and a host of small Switch accessories including your charging cable, earbuds, and a pair of extra controllers. Two soft dividers protect your screen and are narrow enough that they won’t press on the analog sticks while the case is closed. Two elastic straps help secure your console in place. There have been several updates to this case in recent months that have addressed previous size issues and added a removal tab that allows you to quickly discharge your device.

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