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The best Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite screen protectors

The most fragile and essential part of your Nintendo Switch console is undoubtedly the screen. All it takes is one spill or one fall to completely destroy your screen and make your device useless. For most Switch gamers, that’s a couple of hundred dollars down the drain. 

If you’re planning to buy a Switch or you already own one, purchasing a screen protector is a smart investment that can potentially save you a lot of money in the long run. Now that we’re close to Black Friday, you can save up thanks to Nintendo Switch deals and get whatever you need. 

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Nintendo Switch (Plastic)

Nintendo Switch Official Screen Protection Kit

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A cheap option for those who want to use flexible plastic protectors instead of tempered glass, this device is a no-frills kit that does its job.  The Nintendo Switch is safe from scratches when it is applied and it can still easily be placed in and removed from the dock without any extra force.

However, it’s important that the Nintendo Switch Official Screen Protection Kit is applied perfectly, as it is cut to the exact dimensions of the console’s screen. For those with shaky hands, it’s best to look at a different option, but Digital Trends has used this protector for several years without issue while regularly docking and undocking the system.

HORI Screen Protector

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HORI is one of the most prolific third-party Switch accessory brands, and it offers its own plastic screen protector that is resistant to scratches without sacrificing clarity. It has slightly more room around the outside edges compared to the PDP protector, and the film-based application system makes it easy to get it on your system and reduce or eliminate bubbles under the surface.

HORI Screen Protector is also a very inexpensive option, making it ideal for those who need to protect multiple Switch systems or want to try out a few different protectors before settling on one, though it can’t easily be reattached if removed.

Nintendo Switch (Glass)

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector Two-Pack

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One of the most popular screen protectors, and for good reason, the amFilm Tempered Screen Protector Two-Pack is remarkably inexpensive despite coming with two glass screen protectors. They are 0.3mm thick and will not interfere with the console’s touch controls, and the pack also includes wet wipes, a microfiber cloth, and a squeeze card to make the application process a breeze.

For those worried about doing serious damage to the Switch’s screen, the amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector Two-Pack is a brilliant option, as it will protect the screen underneath against bumps and drops without compromising game visuals or adding unnecessary bulk.

Maexus Switch Screen Protector Two-Pack

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Another great glass screen protector option, it includes everything necessary to apply the protector without getting dirt underneath, including a dust absorber, wet wipes, and dry wipes. The protector is slightly thicker than the amFilm option, but it also uses an anti-fingerprint coating to keep it looking sharper whenever players have the system in handheld mode.

It’s designed to repel oil, and if it does break, the anti-fragmenting design will keep it from shedding dangerous glass shards. The Maexus Switch Screen Protector Two-Pack is one of the cheapest glass protectors available but doesn’t sacrifice quality.

Nintendo Switch Lite (Plastic)

HORI Protective Screen Filter

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Similar to the protector for the full-size Switch, it is a flexible plastic design made in Japan. It’s easy to apply, just like with the other HORI protector, and it’s almost impossible to tell there is even any protector on the Switch Lite once it has been adhered. A plastic film won’t offer the same protection against drops, but it is very resistant against scratches and is best paired with a carrying case if players plan to travel.

The HORI Protective Screen Filter even worth applying for those who put the system in a pocket, as buttons and keys can easily scratch the Switch Lite without one.

HORI Nintendo Switch Lite and System Protector Set

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An all-in-one solution for those who don’t want a separate carrying case, it includes the same plastic screen protector as the previous choice, but with an included hard plastic shell for the system itself. This ensures the entire console is protected at all times, including when players are actively using it, and it’s easy to remove and reattach.

All buttons, sticks, and ports are still available when in use, and the amFilm Tempered Glass Switch Lite Screen Protector Three-Pack also includes its own stand so players can use the system in tabletop mode. Because it’s so slim, the Switch Lite should still fit in a carrying case, as well, if even more protection is necessary.

Nintendo Switch Lite (Glass)

amFilm Tempered Glass Switch Lite Screen Protector Three-Pack

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Like the amFilm protector for the standard Switch, the amFilm Tempered Glass Switch Lite Screen Protector Three-Pack includes three glass protectors for less than $10, along with wet wipes and a microfiber cloth to make application easy.

The amFilm Tempered Glass Switch Lite Screen Protector Three-Packalso has “hinge stickers” for an even more straightforward application, and the 0.3mm design is perfect for the smaller system. This listing is for three protectors, so while the application is easy, you’ll have extras on hand. The material used for this screen protector gives your Switch Lite a secure shell that protects your screen from damage if you drop it or scratch it. The plastic is thin enough not to hinder your view as you play.

iVoler VGuard Switch Lite Screen Protector Four-Pack

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The iVoler VGuard Switch lite screen protectors do an excellent job of protecting your Switch. For less than $10, you get a pack of four screen protectors, making this a thrifty option.

The screen protectors aren’t expensive, but their high-quality materials put them on the same level as the previously mentioned amFilm. The pack includes a cleaning kit you can use to clean your screen before applying the screen protector, guaranteeing a clear view.

An extensive two-year warranty adds to the iVoler VGuard Switch Lite Screen Protector Four-Pack’s value even more. These screen protectors protect the Switch from various scratch sources without impeding the touch controls.

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