Microsoft wants you to hug a cloud with new OneDrive features in Windows 10

onedrive data backup made easier in windows 10 microsoft 650x0

Redmond recently disrupted the cloud storage market by offering unlimited OneDrive space for Office 365 subscribers. The next logical step in this master plan for world domination  is making it easy for Windows consumers to back up everything from documents, images, movies and, yes, even apps using OneDrive.

The just-leaked, unofficial 9901 Windows 10 build accommodates new easy-to-access OneDrive backup options found in the “update & recovery” tab. Clean and straightforward, these let you save app data in the cloud as well as passwords, favorites, and other system settings. Or not, as you can deselect any option at any time if you fear a security breach.

OneDrive is already an integral part of the Windows 8 experience, so nothing revolutionary is being introduced here. Still, this is an excellent refinement of Windows’ cloud integration. With this update users will be able to sync slightly more data than before and will have more control over what is and isn’t connected to the cloud.

While these changes are interesting, they’re also widely unavailable, as only leaked versions of the Windows 10 preview have this feature. The beta hasn’t changed recently, and testers are still stuck on version 6.4.9879 until January.

On the bright side, a small fix has been issued, aiming to iron out kinks that affect about 12 percent of PCs running Windows 10 Beta. Frequent Explorer.exe crashes started happening last week, and a quick workaround was posted on Microsoft’s forums before this permanent adjustment rolled out.