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Razer’s new Lancehead gaming mice touted as the world’s most precise

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Razer is perhaps best known for its high-end gaming notebooks that tend to combine excellent performance and relatively thin and light chassis with an instantly recognized brand. The company’s array of gaming accessories is also instantly recognizable, and the family had added its newest member.

The Razer Lancehead wireless gaming mouse incorporates some cutting-edge technology to go along with its classic Razer styling. It’s joined by a wired mouse sibling with similar specifications and the reliability that comes with connecting via cable.

In terms of the main component, namely the laser sensor that does the real work, both mice offer the same “world’s most precise” 16,000DPI and 50G performance. The wireless version provides 210 inches-per-second (IPS) performance, while the wired Tournament Edition version provides up to 450 IPS. This level of performance provides for fast and accurate tracking for competitive gamers.

The Lancehead wireless mouse utilizes Razer’s advanced Adaptive Frequency Technology (AFT) to ensure a perfectly synced connection between mouse and system. In addition, AFT helps to avoid interference in the 2.4GHz band by hopping frequencies only when available and thus maintaining the most interference-free connections.

The Razer Lancehead mice also use Razer’s mechanical mouse switches that are co-designed and manufactured with Omron. They switches are incredibly durable, promising up to 50 million clicks, and they are designed to provide optimal response times and one of the world’s lowest click latencies. Two DPI settings buttons allow users to change sensitivity on the fly.

Finally, Razer Lancehead buyers will be automatically and exclusively invited into the upcoming beta program for the new Razer Synapse Pro software. Synapse Pro is a unified configurator that combines local and cloud storage of mouse settings, meaning that a user can access the same configuration on multiple machines. Both mice also belong to the Razer Chroma line and thus can be customized with 16.8 color options and a range of effects and game-integrated reactive lighting.

The Razer Lancehead will retail for $140 and will be available in May. The Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition will be available starting this month for $80.

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