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Gold-colored PS4 Slim spotted and snapped by a Target employee

Gold 1TB PlayStation 4 probably real, slated for early June launch for $250

sony ps4 slim gold goldps4slim
Updated to include additional confirmation that was provided by Target advertisement.

Sony looks set to launch a brand-new color scheme for the PS4 Slim a few days before E3, and it’s rather eye-catching. Following pictures of a gold PS4 allegedly taken Target and Walmart employees, a Twitter user has now published images from a Target ad which shows the system and details its pricing and launch date.

Although most consoles from all the major manufacturers have almost always had a base color of either black or white, there have been many custom paint jobs and special editions of the different systems available over the years. Although gaudy to some, gold is one scheme that has come up time and again and it looks like Sony may be offering a special version of its system with that choice of aesthetic, too.

It has not been confirmed by Sony in any capacity, but the evidence is certainly mounting. The latest leaked information comes from an apparent Target ad for the system. It shows a new marketing shot of the gold PS4, claiming that it comes with a gold DualShock controller and a terabyte hard drive, with a $250 price tag.

PlayStation 4 1TB Slim Gold console confirmed for Target ad week of June 11, $249.99.

— Wario64 (@Wario64) June 5, 2017

Alongside the PS4 leak, Twitter user Wario64 also showed off other elements from the Target ad, which detail potential deals for consumers, but also bolster the idea of this being a real set of listings, rather than a forgery.

The validity of the console’s existence was backed up a pair of Redditors last week, both of whom allegedly snapped pictures of the Gold PS4 Slim, at Target and Walmart, respectively. The latter also pointed out a $250 price tag before the console was rushed away behind closed doors.

It’s not clear whether the new system will be launching worldwide or only in the United States, but early June seems like a likely launch date. Although June 9 was initially the claimed launch date, the latest leak suggests it will be more like June 11. Either way, it seems likely to come pre-E3, and therefore not something that would likely be mentioned at the show.

That’s not wholly surprising though, as a custom color version of a pre-existing console is rather a small story for a big stage show like E3.

Sony previously made a limited edition gold PS4 available in the U.S. as part of a campaign it ran with Taco Bell (as per Gamespot). If the Walmart image is as real as the Target one, this latest release appears not to be linked to a specific retailer.

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