Space an issue? Das Keyboard launches tenkeyless mechanical keyboard

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Das Keyboard is a company known for making high-end keyboards that aim to be functional and simple, and it’s taking that design philosophy a step further with the introduction of its new Das Keyboard 4C mechanical keyboard that features tenkeyless design.

For some users, the thought of losing the number pad might seem like blasphemy, but when space is at a premium, and that couple of inches on the end of the keyboard is the difference between having enough room to comfortably move a mouse around or not, it can be a necessary sacrifice.

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The new keyboards also have full n-key rollover, a feature that allows it to detect each key press regardless of how many other keys are pushed down. This is a feature that benefits fast typists and gamers, as they tend to press keys at a higher rate. Additionally, the keys are rated to last up to 50 million keystrokes, so it should be able to handle the trials of even the most intense keyboard users.

Other notable features of the new Das Keyboard are media keys, two USB 2.0 ports on the side of the keyboard, a 13 inch ruler along the back of the keyboard for when some measuring is needed, and the ability to disable to Windows key.

The keyboard is available in two different models, each of which comes with two switch options. The Das Keyboard 4C Professional features traditional labels on the keys, while the Das Keyboard 4C Ultimate’s keys are completely blank. Each is available with quieter brown switches or clickly blue switches, depending on the user’s preference. Das Keyboard has said the switches are not Cherry, but it didn’t say exactly what kind of switches it’s using instead. All of the models retail for $143 and will begin shipping to buyers in February.