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Still not happy with Windows’ start menu? Start10 is the solution

still not happy windows start menu start10 solution stardock
Despite Microsoft’s best efforts to placate users by bringing back the Start menu in Windows 10, there are still those out who would prefer a more traditional option. Start10 by Stardock offers something that might satisfy them, yet also adds features not normally available.

Start10 follows on from Start8, one of the most popular options for Windows 8 users looking for a way to reclaim their Start menu. This new version of the software makes a classic Start menu available in Windows 10, with a few slight aesthetic tweaks to ensure that it fits in with the newly refreshed interface. Your Start menu will behave just as it did in Windows 7, but it’ll have the flat look and new icon designs that have been introduced with Windows 10.

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Beyond that, you’ll have the opportunity to customize your Start menu even further. As well as choosing between the Windows 7 and Windows 10 style of menu, you can pick from a selection of themes and even re-skin the Start button with your own choice of image.

While Start8 found a large audience thanks to Microsoft’s moves away from the Start menu in Windows 8, it remains to be seen whether as many users will find the need for Start10. The success of Start8 and similar programs was surely a factor in the menu being brought back for Windows 10, but with Microsoft’s renewed attention towards the feature, it’ll likely be harder for third parties to offer a similarly appealing product.

Start10 is currently in beta, but is available to subscribers of Stardock’s Object Desktop. A full release will likely follow the launch of Windows 10, which is expected to come later this year. The software is available directly from developer Stardock via its official website.

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