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Vivaldi’s latest release proves it’s the Swiss Army knife of web browsers

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Vivaldi Technologies released a new version of its web browser, Vivaldi, today, and the super-customizable browser boasts a handful of new features to provide an experience custom-tailored to your needs.

You, just you. That’s the tagline anyway — Vivaldi is “not for everybody, just for you,” and today’s update lives up to that promise with three new features designed specifically for your preferences.

With today’s updated version of Vivaldi, you can set themes to automatically switch depending on the time of day. Maybe you want a clean bright setting during work hours, but a nice muted dark theme for night time? Vivaldi’s got you covered.

Additionally, you can setup web panels – not to be confused with lowly tabs that other browsers use – to sit on the sidebar of your browser and connect to different websites or services. Social media, for instance, is a popular use case for the Vivaldi web panel feature. Today’s update will allow you to resize them according to your needs.

That might not sound like much, but consider the comparatively one-size-fits-all approach of other popular browsers.

Another feature unveiled today is small but pretty great: a single button to restore a recently closed tab. Yep, now you can finally restore that tab you accidentally closed when you were trying to close that other tab, by middle clicking the trash icon.

Vivaldi is the latest browser from the creators of Opera, and it’s definitely doing some interesting stuff within the browser space. While it’s not as clean as Chrome, and not as well-worn as Firefox, Vivaldi has shown promise in recent months with its broad array of customization options.

Vivaldi 1.4 Final is available now for Windows, MacOS, and Linux as a free download.

Like they say, though, it’s not for everyone.

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