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Finally! New Windows 10 builds let users choose download drive for some Store apps

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The Windows 10 Anniversary Edition will include an update that allows the user to select where larger apps are installed when downloading them from the Windows Store.

Before, using the Windows Store was almost over-simplified. Users would select an app, the download begins, and then it’s ready to use. But if you use more than one hard drive this meant you couldn’t decide on where you would like to save the app unless you change the default location every time. This new update addresses those complaints but will only be for larger apps.

News of the update comes from several Windows Insiders that have had advance access to the latest edition of Windows 10, which is expected to be available in the coming weeks.

As for what kind of larger apps will be compatible with this new update, that remains unclear. But it is most likely targeted at games, which are generally larger app files. It is also unclear what the threshold for a large file is according to Microsoft.

A Reddit user that has access to the update has posted a screenshot (in German) that says you must select a folder with at least 26.83GB available. Smaller apps will still, reportedly, go straight to the default folder.


The update hasn’t been announced by Microsoft in any way, so it appears the company is happy to just slip this new feature in quietly. Neowin reports that it tested the feature in builds 14361 and 14366 and it was working in both. This means it’s only available to Windows Insiders so far, but if there’s no snags, it’ll roll out to everyone soon.

The ability to select a download location for games could be a significant change for the Windows Store and its attempts to woo more gamers. It will introduce much greater and friendlier ease of use that may sway some gamers over to the Windows Store from the likes of Steam for their gaming purchases but only time will tell.

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