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Jonathan Keane

Jonathan Keane

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Jonathan is a freelance technology journalist living in Dublin, Ireland. He's previously written for publications and sites like The Daily Dot, Paste Magazine, BBC News and covering everything from cyber security to start-ups and the internet of things to drones.

net neutrality protest

States are waging guerrilla warfare to save net neutrality. Here’s how

Many states are taking on the fight for net neutrality by enacting their own state-level laws and executive orders. Can these efforts work, or will the FCC crack down on them?

Top Microsoft lawyer slams government for ‘stockpiling’ vulnerabilities

Microsoft's chief legal officer has slammed the government and the NSA for stockpiling vulnerabilities after the WannaCry debacle.
facebook twitter enough revenge porn congress

People are looking up VPNs after the House voted away internet privacy rules

A few days after the House vote on ISPs and internet privacy, there has been an uptick in searches for VPN software.
ransomware wannacry exploit attacking pc security padlock

Cybersecurity can’t rely on artificial intelligence too much, report says

Cybersecurity professionals shouldn’t rely too much on AI for managing their security just yet, according to a new study.
1211916 autosave v1 windows 10 upgrade compatprob

Microsoft sued for $5 million in class action over Windows 10 upgrades

Microsoft is facing a class action suit in Illinois over unwanted Windows 10 updates. The plaintiffs are demanding $5 million in damages.
A hand on a laptop in a dark surrounding.

Latest bugs in LastPass allowed attackers to steal passwords

Security researcher Tavis Ormandy has flagged three new flaws in the password manager LastPass, which the company is still patching.
An image of a court gavel.

Federal court finds refusing to decrypt a hard drive is contempt of court

A federal court has found that refusing to decrypt your hard drive for authorities can be considered contempt of court,
Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer

U.S. Justice Department charges two Russian spies and two hackers in Yahoo breach

The U.S. Department of Justice will file charges against four Russians, including two state spies, for hacking Yahoo in 2014.
Windows Vista

RIP Windows Vista: Microsoft is ending support on April 11

On April 11, Microsoft will end updates for its Windows Vista operating system, so the last remaining users will need to update soon.
lip password biometric lips lightstargod

Pucker up: ‘Lip password’ verifies your identity through your lip motions

Scientists in Hong Kong have developed a new biometric authentication method that verifies someone through the motions of their lips.
intel security cia macbook rootkit pro stock image

Intel Security releases MacBook scanner for CIA Vault 7 rootkits

Intel Security has released a scanner tool to help identify if your MacBook is affected by a rootkit revealed by WikiLeaks’ CIA dump.

WikiLeaks releases documents chronicling the CIA’s hacking weapons

WikiLeaks has just published documents that allegedly lay out the extent of the CIA’s hacking tools built in-house.

Study: Poachers are trying to hack animal trackers, intercept signals

Researchers are warning conservationists about the threat of GPS tracker interception or “cyber poaching” that could further harm animals.
macos sierra release date comes out september 20

Google is improving its Safe Browsing features to protect MacOS users

Safe Browsing, Google’s in-browser warning system, is to introduce a number of new updates to help better protect MacOS users from threats.
voice biometrics

Study: Accuracy of voice biometrics can diminish as we age

Anti-fraud researchers presented new findings that suggest voice biometrics become less reliable the older we get.
apple releases macos sierra 10 12 4 with night shift pac man touch bar macbook pro

Some Mac apps crashed this weekend because of expired certificates

A number of Mac apps crashed over the weekend because of a certificate expiration so you may need to manually download an update.
usb killer v3 anonymous version

USB Killer V3 now comes with even more power and an ‘anonymous edition’

USB Killer V3 is here to fry your device with over 200 volts. The hardware is even more powerful and comes with an “anonymous edition”.
yahoo knew of mail hack in 2014 1

Yahoo is warning users over state-sponsored cookie-forging attacks

Yahoo is emailing users to warn them that their accounts may have been compromised by state-sponsored cookie-forging attacks.
How to allow pop-ups on a Mac

Apple allegedly found storing ‘deleted’ Safari browsing data in iCloud

A Russian security company said it has found evidence that Apple was storing “deleted” Safari browsing data in iCloud for up to a year.
intel 7b arizona plant fab 42

Intel to invest $7 billion in Arizona plant where it will build 7nm processors

Intel announced a $7 billion investment in an Arizona plant that will lead to the eventual development of 7nm chips.
1124645 autosave v1 pacemaker heart

Police use pacemaker data to charge Ohio man with arson and fraud

Police in Ohio have charged a man with arson after data from pacemaker contradicted statements he gave to police about a fire at his home.
fcc chairman pai makes net neutrality plans official ajit

FCC restricts nine ISPs from selling subsidized broadband to poorer homes

The FCC has slowed down the rollout of a program that would allow certain ISPs to sell subsidized broadband to poor households.
david beckham hacker blackmail best

David Beckham refused to be blackmailed over hacked emails

Soccer star David Beckham resisted an extortion attempt made by a hacker who had obtained unflattering emails he sent.
intercontinental payment card malware

InterContinental confirms hotels affected by malware that steals card data

The InterContinental Hotels Group is informing customers that payment card data may have been stolen from servers for 12 of its hotels.
vulnerable pentagon servers the united states department of defense

Misconfigured Pentagon servers could have been exploited for cyberattack

A cybersecurity researcher has publicly disclosed that he found several vulnerable servers run by the Pentagon that were vulnerable to attack.
krack wi fi hack computer padlock

HTTPS use has finally reached its ‘moment of critical mass’

According to security researcher Troy Hunt, HTTPS has reached a moment of critical mass, with greater usage and awareness.

Google secures appeal victories in Japanese ‘right to be forgotten’ cases

Google won a number of ‘right to be forgotten’ cases this week in Japan preventing businesses and individuals from censoring damaging details.
ransomware hotel key cards romantik seehotel jaegerwirt

No mini-bar for you: Luxury hotel pays up after virus locks guests out of rooms

A luxury hotel in Austria was hit by ransomware that locked down its electronic key system and its reservation accounts.
biometric authentication brainwaves emotions brainimagedarpa1

Biometric research suggests monitoring your mental well-being for authentication

A researcher in Romania has proposed a new method of biometric authentication that monitors a person’s mental and emotional well-being.

Court upholds Microsoft ruling to protect data in Ireland from U.S. government

Microsoft has maintained its right to deny search warrant access to a user's data that is stored on a server in Ireland.
snowden eu asylum snowdenhack

Edward Snowden’s lawyers are trying to find asylum for him in the EU

Lawyers for Edward Snowden are examining asylum options for the whistleblower in the EU once his Russian permit expires in 2020.
duckduckgo 14 million searches ceo with logo

DuckDuckGo, the privacy-focused search engine, hits 14 million searches in a day

Privacy-centric search engine DuckDuckGo recently hit more than 14 million searches in one day. It has more than 10 billion searches to date.
Windows 10 home screen

Microsoft Germany issues security warning to people still using Windows 7

Microsoft is ramping up its warnings to users that are still Windows 7 and advising them to upgrade before supports end in three years.

Not so fast! Research shows we’re overconfident at spotting phishing emails

New research shows that most people are overconfident at detecting phishing emails in their inbox, and often get it wrong.