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web of trust privacy investigation password man with computer security

Dashlane’s updated password manager brings in new languages and compatibility

Password manager Dashlane has released its latest version of the software with a re-designed user interface and increased language support.
hacker cracks intelligence chiefs email account clapper

Teenage hacker cracks U.S. intelligence chief’s email and phone accounts

A teenage hacker has claimed to have hacked the personal phone and email accounts of the Director of National Security James Clapper.
open letter from nearly 200 experts takes stand against encryption backdoors tim cook apple ceo mac featured

Open letter from nearly 200 experts takes stand against encryption backdoors

Nearly 200 security experts and activists from 42 countries have signed an open letter against government plans for encryption backdoors.
microsoft security intelligence report 2016 online piracy

Fake IRS emails are delivering dangerous new malware this tax season

A security firm has found new forms of fake IRS emails that are being used to deliver dangerous financial malware to people ahead of tax season.

CyberVista wants to teach companies how to not suck at cybersecurity

A new cybersecurity education company CyberVista was launched at the first CES CyberSecurity Forum today in in Las Vegas.
sandisk launches durable high capacity portable ssd at ces 2016 extreme510

Need portable storage that can take abuse? SanDisk’s new drives can take what you dish out

SanDisk has revealed three new storage devices at CES - the 200GB Connect Wireless Stick, 128GB Ultra Dual USB Drive, and Extreme 510 Portable SSD drive.
tobii eye tracking platforms now support windows hello on laptop

Tobii shows prototype laptop with 6th-gen eye tracking camera

Swedish eye tracking tech company Tobii has revealed a new prototype of a laptop developed by Inventec with its eye tracking hardware built in.
e fun launches its first budget windows 10 laptops nextbook 14 laptop

E Fun launches its first budget Windows 10 laptops

Budget tablet maker E Fun has revealed its first laptops - two cheap and simple Nextbook tablets available in 11.6" and 14" size screens.
1206757 autosave v1 2 windows 10 home laptop

Windows 10 now on 200 million devices, continues on record pace

Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 has now been installed on 200 million devices, making it the fastest growing version of Windows ever.
researchers use ambient light sensor data to steal browser exhausted man computer problems desk hacking hackers malware frust

Google pulls AVG for flawed security extension that exposed user data

Google has forced AVG to upgrade its Web TuneUp extension for Chrome after it was discovered to be leaving user data vulnerable.
three ways kim jong un couldve threatened south korea tech savvy way 7

Researchers get a glimpse into North Korea’s homemade operating system

Security researchers in Germany have analyzed the code behind North Korea's homemade operating system to see how it controls content and tracks users.
microsoft android dialer app news sign featured

Adware, beware! Microsoft plans to retaliate against software that doesn't behave

symantec asks google remove trust one certificates headquarters sign

Update: Symantec asks Google to remove trust for one of its own certificates

1291866 autosave v1 2 laptop hacker

Ransomware, mobile payments will be 2016’s most severe security threats

firmware update for apple multiport adaptor macbook gold 2015 hero

Database of 13 million MacKeeper users easily accessed online

2015 was challenging for Lenovo, and that’s bad news for the PC business

FBI Cybercrime

The FBI admits to the use of zero-day exploits, stingrays to catch suspects with or without a warrant

comcast ads third party router 4 reasons

Comcast and Time Warner continue to grow despite consumer complaints

baby boomers are more security conscious than millennials says symantec boomer

When it comes to cyber-security, Millennials have a lot to learn

A new survey from Symantec shows that millennials are over confident in their cybersecurity but baby boomers are more practical.
facebook trending fake news blunders mobile

Government data requests submitted to Facebook at all-time record

According to Facebook's latest government data report, requests from governments are at an all-time high.

Who’s watching what you’re watching? Avast finds vulnerabilities in Vizio smart TVs

Avast researchers have demonstrated a means to crack and intercept tracking data being transferred from Vizio smart TVs over unsecured lines.
cloudsota trojan malware on cheap tablets amazon shutterstock tablet travel airport

Thousands of cheap tablets sold on Amazon have Trojans pre-installed

Security researchers have discovered thousands of cheap tablets on Amazon that have been shipped to customers and some are still for sale.
microsoft foreign emails data center

Microsoft builds two U.K. data centers to keep data within Europe

Microsoft is to build its first data centers in the U.K. so it can bid for government cloud contracts and keep European data inside Europe.
hotfile ordered pay mpaa 80m settlement gavel

The Justice Department won’t help the FCC fight against local broadband restrictions

The FCC won't have the support of the Department of Justice in its battle against state laws that restrict the growth of municipal broadband projects.
token of trusts user verification platform wants to make online scams a thing the past trust 1

Could online scams become a thing of the past? Token of Trust thinks so

Token of Trust is a new start-up that wants to make sure you can trust the people you're interacting with online, especially on Craigslist and Airbnb.
keefarce lift passwords from keepass tablet password logins

Password-hacker tool KeeFarce can lift passwords from KeePass

Someone has coded a new hacking tool that can decrypt passwords from the password manager KeePass, provided the computer is already infected.
have i been pwned owner uncovers 13 million plaintext passwords leaked from free webhost is a safe password even possible we

Google issues ultimatum to Symantec over unauthorized HTTPS certificates

Google has warned Symantec to clean up its act with security certificates or risk being flagged as unsafe in Google Chrome.
fujitsu developing tech that turns biometric data into a cryptographic key palm

Fujitsu develops tech that turns biometric data into a cryptographic key

Fujitsu is working on a new method of encrypting biometric information to protect your data while traveling over a network.
the u s fears that russia might physically cut undersea internet cables russiannavyship

The U.S. fears that Russia might physically cut undersea Internet cables

The U.S. has concerns over Russia and its submarine fleet around undersea Internet cables and the threat of physically severing networks.
Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft: US should follow EU data privacy laws for European citizens

Microsoft makes the case for U.S. companies obeying E.U. law in the case of transferring data across the Atlantic.
Audi Virtual Reality Experience

Smartphone eye testing kits could lead to personalized VR screens

A start-up is trying to create personalized virtual reality screens for people with glasses through its eye test hardware.
only five percent of ibm staff using macs call the help desk for support

Only five percent of IBM staffers on a Mac need IT support

IBM says it has drastically cut down on the costs of its help desk support for employees since moving from Windows to Mac.
portable security router invizbox go raises e100000 in crowdfunding campaign 125c6a20b225f9f465e63ac6935a3786 original

Portable security router InvizBox Go raises €100,000 in crowdfunding campaign

Privacy router InvizBox Go successfully raised over €100,000 to fund the latest piece of hardware that will protect you on public Wi-Fi.
usb killer 2 0 can brick your computer in mere seconds usbkiller2

USB Killer 2.0 can brick your computer in mere seconds

The new version of USB Killer is a corrupted USB drive that will fry your computer within seconds of plugging it in.