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the state of pc bloatware in 2015 sam lane

Buying a PC this year? Here’s what you need to know about bloatware

When you buy a new computer you're often saddled with several programs, or bloatware, that you don't want. We take a look at how PC makers are responding.
RSA Conference

Should you worry about malware on your phone? We asked the experts

Is mobile malware overhyped? We asked some mobile security experts for their thoughts and insights into this growing threat.

TeslaCrypt ransomware grows as victims pay up

The authors of the TeslaCrypt ransomware have already picked up more than $70,000 in payments since they first released the malware on users in February.
majority of people cannot identify a phishing email send

Don’t open that attachment! Most people can’t tell the difference between real email and phishing attempts

The majority of people cannot discern a phishing email from a legitimate email, according to the results of survey by Intel Security.
microsoft tackling windows 7 pirate help logged ips gavel

Microsoft is tackling a Windows 7 pirate (with help from logged IPs)

Microsoft is taking legal action against a Verizon IP address that has allegedly pirated hundreds of pirated copies of Windows 7.
will windows 10 prompt surge pc upgrades 2015 terrymyerson1

Windows 10 may force PlayReady 3.0 DRM on users for 4K streaming

Windows 10 is slated to include a new version of Microsoft's DRM technology to bring 4K streaming to PCs.
Intel Processor

Intel may turn to Quantum Wells to enforce Moore’s Law

One analyst predicts that Intel is producing new 10-nm node transistors that will be faster and consume less energy, holding to Moore's Law.