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Fiat 124 Spyder

Fiat Chrysler is calling on hackers to improve the software in its cars

Fiat Chrysler has launched its first bug bounty program via Bugcrowd to allow hackers and security researchers to find vulnerabilities in its car software.
privacy shield max schrems

Max Schrems warns Privacy Shield deal between U.S. and Europe will fail

Max Schrems, the privacy advocate that brought about the fall of Safe Harbor, has stated that the new Privacy Shield will fail just like its predecessor.
European Court of Justice

New EU-US data transfer agreement, 'Privacy Shield,' is made official

Privacy Shield, the controversial replacement for Safe Harbor, was approved today by the European Union to ensure legal data transfers to the U.S.
chrome quantum algothithms experiment google ibm experience

Google to experiment with quantum computing-ready algorithms in Chrome

In preparation for a quantum computing future, Google is testing post-quantum algorithms in Chrome to ensure security in the future.
Lenovo ThinkPad 13

Lenovo is patching up a critical vulnerability in its PCs, other makers may be affected

Lenovo is working with Intel and a number of other companies to patch a flaw in its common code that may also leave other PC makers vulnerable.

Security researcher dumps 427 million hacked Myspace passwords online

More than 420 million passwords from the massive password hack at Myspace have been dumped online for anyone to access thanks to a security researcher.
A pair of hands on a laptop keyboard with two displays.

CryptXXX ransomware gets even tougher to crack, pulls in $45,000 in three weeks

A new version of the CryptXXX ransomware has earned its creators more than $45,000 in payments since June 4 thanks to its tougher encryption.
ransomware wannacry exploit attacking pc security padlock

Cybersecurity firm: Crypto-ransomware infections have reached ‘epidemic’ level

Ransomware is booming. Kaspersky Lab has tracked more than 700,000 crypto-ransomware infections over a one-year period.
8th gen intel core launch building 01

Intel continues to fight European Commission’s $1.2B fine from 2009

Intel is planning a new appeal against the record $1.2 billion antitrust fine from the European Commission that was handed down in 2009.
A hand on a laptop in a dark surrounding.

Remote access software GoToMyPC hit by “sophisticated password attack”

Remote computer access tool GoToMyPC has reset its users’ passwords after it detected unauthorized access thanks to reused passwords.
Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431-C5FM

Data breach at Acer’s US website exposes names, mailing addresses, and credit cards

Acer has suffered a data breach at its US e-commerce site with payment card numbers, expiry dates and CCV codes all possibly affected.
windows 10 subscription enterprise home screen 16 9

Finally! New Windows 10 builds let users choose download drive for some Store apps

It looks like Windows 10 is introducing a new update that will allow users to choose the download location for larger apps and games in the Windows Store.
mozilla apple google microsoft lawsuit headquarters

Mozilla launches new fund to help keep open-source software secure

Mozilla is launching a new fund called the Secure Open Source fund to help provide money for security audits of open-source software.
windows 10 subscription enterprise home screen 16 9

PC sales continue to decline, partly due to Windows 10 upgrades

PC sales continue to decline thanks in part to people updating to Windows 10 rather than buying a brand-new PC or laptop.
mongodb database ransom rusty padlock

University of Calgary pays $20,000 in ransomware attack

The University of Calgary has paid $20,000 in a ransomware demand after its systems were encrypted and locked down by cybercriminals.
google microsoft increase payouts in bug bounty programs

Bugcrowd’s bug bounties grow 210 percent, with more than $2 million paid out

Bugcrowd’s second annual bug bounty report shows a 210 increase in the number of programs running on its platform, while it has paid out over $2 million.
windows 10 subscription enterprise home screen 16 9

Windows 10 upgrade fortuitously saves TeamViewer user from being hacked

A Reddit user’s computer was saved from a TeamViewer hacker when a Windows 10 upgrade kicked in and forced the attacker out of the system.
hacking, computing

TeamViewer allegedly hacked, but the developer points the finger elsewhere

TeamViewer was allegedly hacked over the last several weeks, but the company insists that stolen credentials from other breaches are to blame.
samsung notebook 9 kaby lake 900x5l hero1

Samsung warns users against upgrading to Windows 10

Samsung’s customer support team is warning its PC and laptop users against upgrading to Windows 10 until it gets its drivers in order.
Fingerprint (shutterstock/ italianestro)

Synaptics’ new turnkey USB solution brings biometrics to older laptops

Synaptics is demoing a new turnkey USB solution that can be built into USB drives providing fingerprint technology for authentication.
HP Elite X3

Security researchers find several high-risk bloatware bugs on popular laptops

Researchers at Duo Labs found that bloatware pre-installed on laptops by HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and Acer leave users vulnerable to hacking.
A hand on a laptop in a dark surrounding.

Hacked? app for Windows 10 notifies you if online accounts are breached

Hacked? is a new Windows 10 app that alerts users when their email address shows up on have i been pwned and when it may be time to change their password.
windows 10 insider build 14367 why the hell wouldn t you upgrade to

New Windows 10 security update proactively hunts down viruses when your PC is idle

Microsoft's new update for Windows Defender allows its native antivirus to scan your system in the background without butting heads with other AV software.
airport self check in kiosk

Hacker allegedly stole $2 million worth of airline tickets through phishing scam

An African has been extradited to the U.S. and charged with stealing $2 million of airline tickets between July 2011 and September 2014.
A hand on a laptop in a dark surrounding.

"We are sorry!" TeslaCrypt ransomware authors release decryption key

The TeslaCrypt ransomware has come to an end with the authors of the malicious virus releasing the decryption online for free.
researchers use ambient light sensor data to steal browser exhausted man computer problems desk hacking hackers malware frust

Hack shows government and military employees used their email addresses on hardcore fetish site

This week’s discovery of a hardcore fetish forum that was hacked shows that some members registered with their .gov and .mil email address.
new defenses make flash more difficult to hack adobeflash

Adobe issues patch for ‘critical’ vulnerability that could crash your computer

Adobe has issued yet another patch for a serious vulnerability found in Flash. Users are urged to update their software.
florida man arrested for allegedly failing to report flaws in elections website levin vanguard

Security expert arrested after allegedly failing to report flaws in election website

A security researcher in Florida was arrested after allegedly finding flaws in a local elections website and not reporting it in a timely fashion.
mexico voting breach hacking laptop passwords code

What are the odds that a ransomware payment will go to a children’s charity?

Another new form of ransomware has emerged, claiming it will donate its ransom demands to a children’s charity.
brian krebs project shield ddosattack

Armada Collective DDoS threats were fake, but still scored thousands of dollars

Several sites have been receiving fake DDoS threats and extortion demands from the so-called Armada Collective, but the group still scored over $100,000
supreme court rule expands computer related search warrants fbi building 02

Computer-related search warrants transformed by new Supreme Court Rule

The Supreme Court has authorized a new rule that will allow the FBI to hack into any computer regardless of jurisdiction.
brian krebs project shield ddosattack

A hacker group is threatening VPN providers with DDOS attacks

The hacker group Armada Collective is threatening DDOS attacks on VPN and encrypted email services and demanding thousands of dollars in ransom.
adware takes screenshot of desktop windows 10 review experience 014

Adware snaps screenshot of your PC after install, fingerprints its hardware

The Faster Internet adware takes a screenshot of your computer display without you knowing and logs data on your PC's configuration.
Google Data Center

The U.S. hosts the most malicious websites in the world

A new security report shows that the U.S. hosts the highest number of malicious websites in the world.