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t mobile sprint 200 gift dish and to merge

Update: 15 million T-Mobile customers affected by data breach at credit agency

Some 15 million people have been affected by a data breach at T-Mobile's credit agency, spanning a two year period.
Windows 7 retirement

‘Suspicious’ Windows update was the result of a test error, says Microsoft

A Windows update test error is to be blame for today's suspicious-looking update for Windows 7, says Microsoft.
edward snowden has finally joined twitter pose

Edward Snowden has finally joined Twitter

NSA leaker Edward Snowden has joined Twitter with his new Twitter handle @snowden.
2016 state of the union comes to amazon video president obama

White House: Broadband is now a ‘core utility’ for everyone

The White House has said that broadband is now a "core utility" for Americans and efforts to spread accessibility must be improved.
net neutrality timeline fcc tom wheeler 2

Net neutrality doesn’t violate Bill of Rights, FCC says

The FCC has argued against the claims from ISPs that net neutrality rules violate their First Amendment rights.
windows 10 is downloading even if you dont want it hpwindows10

Windows 10 is downloading even if you don’t want it

Windows users with automatic updates on will find that Windows 10 files are being downloaded onto their computer to prepare for upgrading.
microsoft will fight the u s tomorrow over emails on irish server headquaters

Microsoft and the U.S. government will argue over data access in court tomorrow

Microsoft will continue its challenge against the US government tomorrow to protect a user's emails stored in a data center in Ireland.
toshibas satellite radius 12 is the worlds first 5 inch 4k convertible laptop feature

Toshiba mashes 4K into a 12.5-inch screen with the Satellite Radius 12

Toshiba revealed its new Satellite Radius 12, the first small 4K convertible laptop, at this week's IFA event in Berlin.
Man wearing headphones and looking at monitor.

Small changes could yield huge energy savings for gaming PCs, study says

PC gamers could make huge energy savings if they opt for greener, more energy-efficient components when building their rigs, according to a new study.

UK police arrest six teens for using Lizard Squad’s hacking-for-hire tool

Six teens were arrested in the UK this week for availing of hacking group Lizard Group's DDoS tool Lizard Stresser to target several major websites.
china internet censorship chinahack

DDoS attack hits GitHub after Chinese police force developer to remove code

Github is recovering from a DDoS attack this week that disrupted the code repository's service. The attack is believed to have originated in China.
quantum computing is a major threat to crypto says the nsa security padlock

Quantum computing is a major threat to crypto, says the NSA

Quantum computing is a major threat to our current security systems says the NSA, stressing the need to develop new strong algorithms.
brian krebs project shield ddosattack

DDoS attacks hit record numbers in Q2 2015

The number of DDOS attacks have hit record highs in Q2 2015 according to a new report Akamai, which tracked the kinds of attacks and targets.
ex employees kaspersky lab faking malware to undermine rivals

Kaspersky Lab accused of faking malware to generate false positives in competing software

Ex-employees have accused Kaspersky Lab of generating fake malicious files that its competitors would flag and undermine its work.
Lenovo Yoga 3 logo

Want to erase bloatware from your Lenovo PC? That could be a battle you’ll always lose

Lenovo users have discovered that the company has been automatically re-installing its own software even after a clean install of Windows.
microsoft doubles bug bounty reward white hats can now earn 100000  chromawise

Microsoft doubles bug bounty reward, white hats can now earn $100,000

Microsoft is raising the rewards in its bug bounty program to help find new bugs and vulnerabilities.
Oculus Rift

Oculus to release SDK 07 on August 20, older games will need to be updated

Oculus will its latest software development kit on August 20th but any games developed on older versions will initially be incompatible.
FBI Cybercrime

This ain’t CSI: How the FBI hunts down cyber criminals around the globe

The FBI faces many challenges in trying to arrest cybercriminals dotted around the world, from hackers hiding away in Russia to diplomatic hurdles.
europe votes to drop edward snowden charges citizenfour

White House response to petition for Edward Snowden’s pardon — “No”

The White House rejects calls for a pardon for Edward Snowden's NSA leaks in response to a petition released two years ago.
the nsa promises to delete its phone metadata this year sign

The NSA promises to delete its phone metadata early next year

The NSA has promised to delete “historical metadata” after November 29 under the USA Freedom Act.
eff draws attention to ethiopian internet surveillance during obama visit ethiopia

EFF draws attention to Ethiopian Internet surveillance during Obama visit

While President Obama visits Ethiopia this week, EFF has used the event to draw attention to the alleged surveillance the country carried out an American.
1155311 autosave v1 2 play store

Porn Clicker malware keeps resurfacing in the Google Play Store

The Google Play Store has been dogged this week with porn clicker apps masquerading as popular games and potentially infecting thousands already.
adobe flash logo

Facebook’s head of security wants an ‘end-of-life’ date for Flash

Facebook's chief security officer has called for Adobe to end Flash and set a future transition date so browsers can prepare.
cyber security stocks surge after nyses technical glitch wallst

Cyber-security stocks surge after NYSE’s technical glitch

Cybersecurity stocks surged this afternoon following the technical glitch on the New York Stock Exchange, which halted trading.

Is anti-virus enough? Security professionals say preventative measures are much stronger

Anti-virus has lost a lot of confidence in the infosec community of late with security pros turning to threat isolation methods instead.
silicon valley isis fbi spying google

The FBI is offering $4.3m for the world’s most notorious cyber criminals

The FBI is offering $4.3m on its cyber-crime most wanted list, which includes some of the world's most notorious known hackers on the run.
uk woman loses home purchase deposit to phishing email american advisors group

UK woman loses home purchase deposit to phishing email

A woman in the UK has been scammed out of her life savings through a simple phishing email orchestrated by cyber criminals.
kentucky hospital subjected to ransomware hacker keyboard

FBI: Ransomware has earned cybercriminals over $18M since last year

The FBI has warned that ransomware has netted cybercriminals more than $18 million in the U.S. alone since April of last year.
microsoft is opening new data centers in canada to keep control of you privacy center

Microsoft is opening new data centers in Canada to keep control of your privacy

Microsoft will be opening up two new data centers in Canada to address data sovereignty concerns and privacy from US surveillance.
ransomware hospital hackers demand more money ransomeware

McAfee report sees ransomeware surge, praises Adobe for its response

The new threats report from McAfee Labs found that Adobe patched its vulnerabilities in record all the while malware is on the rise.
studios sue 16 owners who torrented film survivor popcorn time

There’s now a Popcorn Time for porn

Torrenting app Popcorn Time now has its own adult content version in the form of Porn Time.

SourceForge accused of hijacking Nmap project account

SourceForge is accused of taking over the account of the Nmap security auditing software according to the software's developer.
further research reveals holas security issues are even worse than feared vpnheader

Update: Actually, Hola’s security issues aren’t even worse than feared

A report from security firm Vectra makes new vulnerability claims against Hola Unblocker VPN that could put users at severe risk.

‘Sleeper’ Locker ransomware comes alive, infects hundreds

The Locker ransomware has been lying dormant on PCs but was activated this week by its authors and infected hundreds of computers.