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how to take a screenshot on a pc

Switzerland pushes Windows 10 to make its data processing more transparent

Microsoft agreed to release two software updates for Windows 10 at the behest of Switzerland to make its data gathering more transparent.
as coronavirus scams increase heres what to watch out for unsplash email

Oft-delayed Email Privacy Act is back for another go-round with Congress

The Email Privacy Act has been reintroduced to Congress in a bid to ensure law enforcement must have a warrant to access emails.
free ross ulbricht hackers

Hackers target Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht’s legal fees fundraising campaign

Over the New Year’s period, hackers breached various accounts belonging to Free Ross, the fundraising campaign for the Silk Road founder.
mongodb database ransom rusty padlock

Cybercriminals hold more than 10,000 website databases for ransom

Hacker groups have taken the exposed databases of more than 10,000 websites hostage and are demanding ransoms for their return.
mac malware dos email drafts malwarebytes mail

This new Mac malware freezes your computer with email drafts

Malwarebytes has analyzed a new set of malware that launches hundreds of email drafts on Macs that cause the device to freeze.
security without borders

Security Without Borders is here to help activists and NGOs with cybersecurity

Security Without Borders is a new initiative set up to help activists, NGOs, and dissidents to get better at cybersecurity.
flight bookings hackers legacy systems pay for expedited boarding

Report says hackers have easy access to flight bookings due to legacy systems

Security researchers have found that the booking management systems for flight reservations are way too easy to break into.
dashlane intel sgx 4  security dashboard

Password manager Dashlane now integrates with Intel SGX for hardware security

Dashlane has partnered with Intel to integrate its password manager software with Intel SGX on Core processors for an added layer of hardware security.

Thailand’s controversial new cybercrime law is drawing a response from hackers

Hackers are launching DDOS attacks on Thailand’s military government in protest of a new cybercrime law that threatens encryption and free speech.
privacy shield lawsuit germany logo

Germany fights back as lawsuit against the U.S.-EU Privacy Shield heats up

Germany and the Czech Republic filed its support for the European Commission and Privacy Shield in a lawsuit against the agreement.
A hand on a laptop in a dark surrounding.

RansomFree by Cybereason is a free ransomware alert tool for Windows PCs

Cybersecurity company Cybereason has released RansomFree, a real-time ransomware detection and response program for Windows PCs.
krack wi fi hack computer padlock

Locky and Cerber have become the dominant ransomware families

A new report from Malwarebytes shows the rapid growth of Locky and Cerber -- the most prevalent forms of ransomware -- and where they're coming from.
north korea hack south military flash drives for freedom

South Korea accuses North Korea of hacking military, stealing classified data

North Korea is accused of hacking South Korea’s military cyber command and stealing classified data in the latest in the cyber war between the two.
European Court of Justice

EU threatens new hate speech laws if U.S. technology firms fail to improve efforts

The EU has threatened companies like Facebook and Twitter with new laws if they don’t better respond to hate speech on their sites.
how to take a screenshot on a pc

Windows 10 appears to be poised to hit 24 percent market share by end of 2016

According to the latest figures, Windows 10 is on track to reach 24 percent of operating system market share on desktop by the end of 2016.
1124645 autosave v1 pacemaker heart

“Fatal” security bugs discovered in defibrillators and medical implants

A team of security researchers have discovered several potentially “fatal” security flaws in ten different medical implants, including defibrillators.
A hand on a laptop in a dark surrounding.

Crashing the masquerade ball: New Firefox exploit could expose Tor users

Engineers at Mozilla are patching a previously unknown JavaScript zero-day exploit that could be used to expose Tor users.
uk investigatory powers surveillance version 1479379213 theresa may home office

U.K.’s ‘Snoopers Charter’ surveillance law will let 48 agencies view your web history

The U.K. has passed the controversial Investigatory Powers Bill into law, which grants a slew of new surveillance powers to police and security services.
tresorit encryption nonprofits activists wilpf

Tresorit wants to protect activists and nonprofits with free encryption services

Tresorit, a Hungarian encrypted cloud storage company, has launched a new nonprofit initiative to help activists secure their data.

Russia asks web browser Opera to install a blacklist on its Turbo Mode feature

Russian media regulators have asked Opera to install a blacklist of banned sites for its Turbo Mode web browser feature.
valve software steamvr beta linux htc vive side feat

After testing Vive VR Cafes, HTC plans for $1.5B investment fund in China

HTC opened its newest Vive VR Cafe in Shenzhen, China, last weekend. The company is testing the model for possible internationalization.
hackers atm attacks hack

Hackers are targeting ATMs and stealing wads of cash

A cybersecurity firm has identified dozens of allegedly remote attacks on ATMs in Europe and Asia, dubbing the hacking group Cobalt.
major browsers sha 1 end error

Here’s how all the major web browsers are tightening up web security

Most of the major web browsers will end support for the SHA-1 hashing algorithm by February of next year because the algorithm is becoming outdated.
adobe hack 1 million fine

Adobe agrees to pay $1 million across 15 states after being hacked in 2013

Adobe has been fined just $1 million by 15 states over its 2013 hack, which compromised payment and personal data of 38 million people.

Russia investigates Microsoft for allegedly blocking Kaspersky software

Microsoft is being investigated in Russia for allegedly abusing its market dominance and pushing out third-party antivirus programs like Kaspersky.
how to follow the primary online trump

Microsoft lays out its hopes for a Trump presidency

Microsoft has made its position clear on the policy changes it hopes to see from the Trump administration, including on education and immigration.

These researchers are modifying CPUs to detect security threats

A team of researchers has earned a grant to research and develop a modified CPU that can detect security threats ahead of software.
web of trust privacy investigation password man with computer security

Web of Trust add-on pulled following report of privacy violations

Web of Trust, which is supposed to keep you secure, has been pulled offline after an investigation found that it was selling user data without safeguards.
A hand on a laptop in a dark surrounding.

Hacking group says list features servers infiltrated by National Security Agency

The still relatively unknown hacker group Shadow Brokers have posted a list of supposed servers in 49 countries that have been targeted by the NSA.
European Court of Justice

Privacy Shield meets its first major legal challenge in Europe

Privacy Shield, the data transfer agreement between the U.S. and the EU, is being taken to court for failing to provide citizens with privacy safeguards.
protonmail google search results

Calling foul: Encryption service ProtonMail accuses Google of burying its search results

ProtonMail, a secure email encryption service provider, has accused Google of burying its website in search results and harming the company.
mooltipass mini password manager dark

Mooltipass Mini is a new physical password manager you can carry with you

Switzerland’s Mooltipass has developed a new Mini version of its physical password manager that it believes will solve security problems for regular users.
tech support scams malwarebytes call center

Tech support scams are getting more sophisticated, says new study

A new study from Malwarebytes shows the growing threat of tech support scams, which are moving away from cold calls to nuanced software scams.
montenegro election cyber attack djukanovic

Cybercriminals attempted to disrupt the elections in Montenegro on Sunday

Montenegro’s parliamentary elections were disrupted yesterday by a series of DDOS attacks on government and media websites.