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white house livestream ai subcommittee washington dc

White House report warns of bias concerns in application of AI

A new report from the White House lays out the opportunities of artificial intelligence for people and businesses but warns of the risks, too.
turkey social media arrests erdogan

Turkey blocks document sharing sites to stem incriminating email leak

The government in Turkey has blocked sites like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Drive to hinder the flow of incriminating emails about the president and ministers.
dnc russia hack fbi investigation

U.S. intelligence community officially accuses Russia of DNC hacks

Vladimir Putin has denied Russian involvement in a cyberattack on the Democratic National Committee, although he called the hack a public service,
microsoft department justice hearing departmentofjustice feat

Feds arrest two alleged teenage members of Lizard Squad and PoodleCorp

The Department of Justice has arrested and charged two 19-year-olds for alleged involvement with Lizard Squad and PoodleCorp hacking operations.
how yahoo is mining for gold in your junk mail campus

Tech giants distance themselves from Yahoo-style surveillance allegations

After the Yahoo mass surveillance revelations this week, tech firms like Google and Microsoft have all come out to deny involvement in similar actions.
password through you body apple fingerprint scanner ios iphone

Researchers find way to send passwords through your body to a device

Researchers at the University of Washington have found a way to send secure passwords through the human body using fingerprint sensors and touchpads.
how to follow election results online 2016 presidential trump clinton debate watch

FCC commissioner wants an investigation into Wi-Fi at presidential debate

FCC member Jessica Rosenworcel is calling for an investigation into the banning of journalists’ Wi-Fi hotspots at the first presidential debate this week.
brian krebs project shield ddosattack

Brian Krebs is back online following a DDoS attack thanks to Google’s Project Shield

Last week an unparalleled DDoS attack targeted cybersecurity journalist Brian Krebs after his latest exposé, and now he’s getting help from Google.
Michelle Obama

Brazen breach: Hackers posted a copy of Michelle Obama’s passport online

Hackers have stolen a scan of Michelle Obama’s passport and posting it online, raising questions over how contractors handle government data.
firefox 55 adds webvr support

Mozilla launches Firefox 49 with better Reader Mode, offline viewing for Android

Mozilla has launched Firefox 49 after some delays last week. The updated browser comes with improved Reader Mode and ditches Firefox Hello.
Samsung RF23J9011SR Fridge

Finnish police: Keep your smart car keys in the fridge to freeze out hackers

Police in Finland have advised drivers to keep their smart car keys in the fridge to reduce the risk of their locking signal being intercepted by hackers wanting to enter their cars.
mexico voting breach hacking laptop passwords code

Two Israeli teenagers arrested over vDOS DDoS-for-hire service

Cybersecurity reporter Brian Krebs has detailed the business model and practices of vDOS, a shady DDoS attack service that lets anyone buy attacks.
intel true key bug

Intel is working on a permanent fix for a recent True Key bug

Intel Security is working on a permanent fix for a bug in True Key that left users unable to log in or use the app in recent weeks.
8th gen intel core launch building 01

Intel breaks out cybersecurity division McAfee as an independent company

Chipmaker Intel is spinning out cybersecurity division McAfee as an independent company that is now valued at $4.2 billion.
warner bros google takedown timewarner hq feat

Warner Bros. erroneously flags its website for piracy, asks Google to remove links

Warner Bros inadvertently sent Google several takedown requests for links to its own website and to legitimate sites like Amazon and IMDB.
mozilla apple google microsoft lawsuit headquarters

Mozilla joins Apple and Google in support of lawsuit against Justice Department

Mozilla, Google, and Apple have officially offered support of Microsoft in its lawsuit against the Justice Department over data-request gag orders.
california ransomware law jailed

California poised to add ransomware law that carries sentence of up to four years

California is about to pass a new law that will classify ransomware as extortion and could jail culprits for up to four years.
last fm 2012 hack 43 million accounts

New details reveal over 43M accounts were breached in 2012 hack

LeakedSource has published the details of a 2012 hack of music site, which show that more than 43 million accounts were breached.
Dropbox Notes

A hack from 2012 haunts Dropbox as details emerge on 68 million accounts

More than 68 million Dropbox accounts have been compromised by a hack dating back four years, which means it’s time to change your password.
dell emc merger official china michael

China approves merger of Dell and EMC; mammoth deal will be official next week

The $63 billion merger between Dell and EMC is to be made official next week following regulatory approval of the merger by China.
usb killer available to buy usbkill feature

Watch what you connect! ‘USB Killer’ fries almost anything it’s plugged into

The computer frying USB Killer is now available for anyone to buy, despite being marketed as an electronics testing device.

Fantom ransomware hides behind phony Windows update to infect your computer

A new form of ransomware called Fantom hides behind a legitimate-looking Windows update but it actually encrypts all your files.
france germany encryption access bernard cazeneuve

France and Germany push for an EU-wide law to allow access to encrypted messages

France and Germany are coming down hard on encryption in the wake of security concerns spurred by terrorist attacks in the countries.
windows 10 update webcam crash usb feat

Windows 10 update is crashing USB-connected webcams

A new Windows 10 update has left certain kinds of webcams disabled due to changes to the encoding. A fix is on the way.
1password subscription service launch feat

Web consultant says meters don’t measure true strength of passwords

According to a series of tests, a number of password security meters fail to identify passwords that are susceptible to cracking.
9 7 inch ipad pro news 7in office multitask large

Study finds we often ignore security warnings because we’re bad at multi-tasking

Researchers from Brigham Young University and Google have called on software developers to improve the timing of update warning messages.
windows 10 insider preview 14955 outlook mail calendar narrator upgrade

Watchdog not letting Microsoft off the hook on Windows 10 privacy, choice issues

With the free upgrade period over, a nonprofit foundation has renewed its criticisms of Windows 10’s privacy and consumer choice issues, calling for action.
court rules nsa resume phone metadata collection building headquarters

Hackers demand a $600M ‘reward’ to spill more secret NSA docs

The Equation Group, an alleged NSA offshoot, was reportedly hacked recently with data dumped online that exposes some of its procedures.
bleepingcomputer counter sue enigma lawsuit feat

BleepingComputer retaliates against Enigma Software with lawsuit of its own

BleepingComputer is retaliating against Enigma’s libel lawsuit with a lawsuit of its own, saying the company used its trademark to smear its reputation.
web of trust privacy investigation password man with computer security

Malwarebytes launches new feature that stays one step ahead of ransomware

Security firm Malwarebytes has updated its Endpoint Security platform with new features that detects ransomware before its encrypts your files.
europol ransomware advice feat

No More Ransom: Europol launches advice site for victims of ransomware

EU police agency Europol has launched a ransomware advice service for consumers, which includes free decryption software if you’ve been infected.
A hand on a laptop in a dark surrounding.

Ransomware threat is only getting more dangerous and costly, Symantec report says

Ransomware is getting more dangerous and ransom demands are soaring, according to Symantec's latest security research report.
web trackers privacy online

Keeping pace with the web trackers

Web trackers are ubiquitous online, but there are some proactive steps people can take to guard their privacy and improving their browsing experience.
Epson XP-950 printer paper insert

A 20-year-old printer vulnerability left Windows exposed to malware

Microsoft has patched a 20-year-old vulnerability that allowed attackers to install malware via printers by spoofing the network for installing devices.