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vulnerable pentagon servers the united states department of defense

Pentagon CIO wants staff to upgrade to Windows 10 on their home devices

The Pentagon's CIO is a big fan of Windows 10 and its security and wants DOD staff to upgrade to the operating system on their personal devices too.
microsoft sues us government gag orders 2

Microsoft sues over the right to inform customers of U.S. gov’t spying

Microsoft is suing the U.S. government for the right to inform its customers when the authorities are searching their servers for data.
mongodb database ransom rusty padlock

Ransomware learns the art of customer service to help victims pay up

As ransomware threats grow and grow cyber criminals are maximizing profitability by using customer service and support tactics.
windows xp install disc

Windows XP is old and insecure, yet is still more widely used than Mac OS X

Despite losing its security updates two years ago, Windows XP still holds over 10% of the operating system market for desktops.
top computer science programs lack cybersecurity training graduation

Untrained guardians: cybersecurity optional in top computer science programs

A new study shows that most of the top computer science programs in the U.S. don't require students to complete a cybersecurity class.
do bug bounty programs work facebook whitehat

Who's keeping your data safe? With bug bounties, it's would-be hackers

Bug bounties entice hackers and security researchers to delve into vulnerabilities and flaws for everyone's benefit. We take a look at how it all works.

The latest ransomware scheme knows where you live, demands over $500

Ransomware is now finding its way to computers through phishing emails that know your postal address in a bid to dupe the users.
perdix drone swarm the pentagon united states department of defense

Department of Defense officially launches ‘Hack the Pentagon’ program

The Pentagon is launching its own bug bounty program for white-hat hackers to test for vulnerabilities in the DOD website.
cerber ransomware creepy voice encrypted files looking over the shoulder of a man typing on keyboard in dark

Teen hacker exposes security flaws by publishing unapproved game on Steam

A teenager in the UK published a joke game called Watch Paint Dry on Steam to highlight security problems in its approval process.
A hacker inputting code into a system.

Bitdefender distributes ‘vaccine’ to combat growing ransomware threat

Bitdefender has released a new free security software tool that will help guard your computer from ransomware infections.
how to watch apple september 12 event 2017 tim cook

Silicon Valley’s fight for encryption goes global as France considers legislation

Apple and Facebook's encryption fight is about to get tougher as lawmakers in Europe continue to mull legislation that could weaken or infringe on privacy.
uber bug bounty program

Uber launches bug bounty program with top prize of $10,000

Ride sharing app Uber has launched its own bug bounty program for white hat hackers to discover and disclose flaws in its sites and apps.
google adds tablet friendly features in chrome os 64

Hackers bag $460,000 at Pwn2Own, Chrome proves the most secure browser

Five teams of hackers carried out 21 successful hacking attacks on operating systems and browsers at Pwn2Own to win $460,000.

Google security pro Tavis Ormandy calls Verizon’s anti-virus certification “meaningless”

Tavis Ormandy claims Verizon's anti-virus software certificates are "meaningless" and failing to fully scrutinize the products it rewards.
1150218 autosave v1 2 microsoft edge win 10 icon

Microsoft will end support for RC4 encryption in Edge and IE11 next month

Microsoft is ending support for RC4 encryption in its Edge and IE11 web browsers but users will experience little or no effects.
school computers chromebooks more than apples budgetlaptops acerchromebook15

Google will pay you $100K if you can pull off the ultimate Chrome hack

Google has doubled the top prize in it Chrome bug bounty program to $100,000 to see if hackers can hack a locked down Chromebook.
samsung patches flaw in sw update galaxy tabpro s 9776

Samsung patches flaw in update tool to foreclose man-in-the-middle attacks

Security researchers have notified Samsung of a flaw in its software update tool that left computers susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks.
vaulteq physical password manager 10

Vaulteq's physical password manager stores your data at home, not in the cloud

Dutch start-up Vaulteq is crowdfunding the world's first physical password manager, a mini-server that acts as a vault for your digital life.
intel security master password true key marquee girl laptop 16x9

Intel Security’s True Key wants to do away with the master password completely

The latest update from Intel's True Key password managers removes some of the hassles of trying to remember your master password.
machine learning supreme court algorithm my trusty gavel

Microsoft goes after Comcast customer suspected of pirating thousands of Windows copies

Microsoft is going to court to try and identify a Comcast subscriber who is accused of pirating its software.
hacking, computing

CTB-Locker ransomware encrypts WordPress sites and holds them hostage

A new strain of ransomware called CTB-Locker is encrypting poorly secured Wordpress sites and demanding bitcoin in return for decrypting them.
A pair of hands on a laptop keyboard with two displays.

Ransomware attacks spread like wildfire internationally, threatening schools, churches, and hospitals

Ransomware cases are increasing dramatically with several smaller targets like school districts and churches caught up in the malware act.
apple ios app monopoly case news store carrousel du louvre

More rallies against the FBI planned outside Apple stores this week

Fight for the Future has organized dozens of rallies around the country outside Apple stores to support the company in its fight against the FBI.
A user entering a password.

Catch hackers in the act with LogMeOnce Mugshot

LogMeOnce password manager now includes a new feature that tracks the location and takes a photo of someone that is trying to access your account.
apple 2015 notebook market share macbook close up snow leopard mac

Apple gains notebook market share in 2015, but can't top HP and Lenovo

According to new market research, Apple is gaining more notebook market share, but HP and Lenovo are still ruling the top spots and sales overall are down.
senator mccain joins the call for new laws against end to encryption

Senator McCain joins the call for new laws against end-to-end encryption

Senator John McCain wants new laws to curb encryption use by terrorists “unacceptable” and allow authorities to access data with a warrant.
microsoft maintains right protect overseas data law enforcement lawsuit judge copyright patent infringement

Enigma Software sues BleepingComputer for alleged 'smear campaign'

Enigma Software is suing BleepingComputer for negative remarks posted on its site that the company has called false and disparaging.
antivirus protection for Android

Another flaw discovered in a security software product — this time it’s Avast

Vulnerabilities have been found in Avast's SafeZone browser that put users cookies, passwords, and files at risk.

We’re not ‘going dark’: Harvard study refutes FBI’s view on encryption

A new study from security experts at Harvard has challenged the FBI's view that encryption will make criminal and terrorism investigations impossible.
if you were stuck inside during storm jonas might have picked up some malware snowed in city icy cars blizzard winter snow sn

The east coast blizzard caused an epic malware storm, according to Enigma Software

A software firm has carried out a data study that claims computer infections grew during Storm Jonas this past week.
lenovo android yoga laptop tablet store storefront sign hq headquaters

Lenovo protected its file sharing app with “12345678” password

Lenovo has patched vulnerabilities in its SHAREit app that left users susceptible to attack, including the password "12345678" used to protect the app.
nsa director actually says encryption backdoors are a bad idea michael s rogers cyber fleet commander

NSA director actually says encryption backdoors are a bad idea

The director of the NSA has said that arguing over including backdoors in encryption is a "waste of time". The remarks are in stark contrast to the FBI's.
brave browser no ads tracking mozilla ceo brendan eich

The Brave browser says it will ‘fix the Web’ with no ads and no tracking

Brave is a new browser from a former Mozilla CEO that is promising to "fix the Web" by blocking intrusive and finding new ad revenue streams.
mackeeper partners with security researcher that discovered its vulnerabilities  chris vickery

After database debacle, MacKeeper hires the security researcher who outed vulnerability

Mac anti-virus software maker MacKeeper has partnered with security researchers Chris Vickery, who previously discovered vulnerabilities for the company.