Windows 10 RTM could be just one click away from Technical Preview testers

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Windows 10 is hands down its most crowd-sourced platform iteration, welcoming everyone’s help and guidance in pre-release form as part of the Technical Preview operation.

Redmond has promised to listen to your suggestions, and tweak Win 10 by popular demand where needed. But TP users and Windows Insider Program members might be in for another perk in addition to the honor and responsibility of actively fine-tuning the software slated for a “late 2015” wide-scale rollout.

According to Microsoft veteran Gabriel Aul, the company’s “intent” is to let testers update from TP to RTM (release to manufacturing) when the latter firmware is available for the masses. “Update”, as in keep the experimental software, and patch it for stability purposes, we presume. Hassle-free, and (hopefully) purchase-free.

The second part is a wild guess at the moment, as Microsoft hasn’t alluded to Windows 10’s pricing (or lack thereof) in its introductory announcements and cryptic teaser messages so far. Rumor is folks running 7, 8 or 8.1 will get a free pass to version 10 in around nine months, but given the company’s silence on the retail costs front it’s perhaps wise to remain skeptical.

After all, if they were holding such a wild card up their sleeves, you’d think they’d be quick to whip it out and gloat. Then again, maybe they’re taking their time for the prospective shock factor.

Either way, it’s good to note Gabe Aul’s very specific and cautious phrasing in regard to the RTM update possibility. “Intent” is a long way from certainty, and until seeing the magic upgrade button, it’s best to not believe what seems too good easy to be true.

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