Windows Media Center is finally killed off by Microsoft

windows 10 will officially kill off media center
Sorry, Media Center fans: The imminent rollout of Windows 10 is going to kill the software suite once and for all. The writing has been on the wall for several years but a Microsoft executive has confirmed that you won’t be able to get Media Center inside Windows 10 — and it isn’t coming back.

ZDNet reports from a private briefing at the Build conference where it was revealed that Media Center would be taken off life support. The add-on for Windows hasn’t received a major update since 2009, although a straight port was provided for Windows 8 users who wanted to make use of its functionality.

Windows Media Center was once one of the most forward-looking components inside Microsoft’s OS: It provided a way to get movies, music, videos, photos and live TV together in a standard interface that could be easily operated from a distance via remote control.

Computing platforms have changed rapidly in the last decade, however, and much of the functionality offered by Media Center is now available elsewhere. Microsoft is pushing the modern Windows apps and indeed the Xbox console as alternative ways of getting all your media in the same place.

Even if it is old-fashioned and soon to be killed off completely, it’s worth having a moment’s silence for Media Center — the software attracted a loyal fan base of users, and you can find its influence in the apps such as Netflix and Spotify that eventually replaced it.

If you’re a die-hard Windows Media Center fan then your best option is to stick with Windows 8.1 rather than upgrading to Windows 10 when the time comes. Alternatively, check out software tools like Kodi, Plex and VLC that offer the same sort of functionality free of charge.

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