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China Plans Olympics For Humanoid Robots

humanoid-robotsHumanoid robots and their designers will have a chance to show what they’re made of, with an organized Olympics in 2010 that will involve 16 events.

Any team looking to compete in the competition must have a robot that simulates human movement, with two arms and legs required. The competitors are prohibited from using wheels.

The Chinese robotics competition will take place in Harbin, which is home to the Harbin Institute of Technology, and has a robotic soccer event.

Chinese event organizers believe at least 100 research teams from around the world will compete in 2010. Chinese researchers first thought of organizing a competition to help generate more interest and possible innovation so the next generation of robots proves to be better developed. Observers expect humanoids to be able to tackle a list of different purposes one day, but it’s unknown how many years it will take before they are found in public.

In April 2010, the RoboGames will take place in San Mateo, California, a similar event that features robots made by researchers from across the world.

As the real-world possibilities related to humanoids and other robots increases, additional competitions and organized events are now taking place. Honda, Toyota and other major companies are involved in robotic development, though very little technology has made it to common use — but that is a trend slowly changing to reflect on the need for robotics.

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