Is DJI about to unveil a new Mavic? Or is it a fixed-wing drone?

DJI is on the verge of announcing a brand new product, though a teaser video (above) released on January 16 is giving little away.

The event takes place in New York City on January 23 at 10 a.m. ET, with many expecting DJI to unveil its first drone since the launch of its popular Spark quadcopter in 2017.

The drone company announced a couple of new camera gimbals at CES 2018 earlier this month, but has apparently decided to keep its very latest product under wraps for a little while longer, putting it center stage at its own unveiling event.

In a supremely hyperbolic promo video with the tagline “adventure unfolds,” a narrator from the School of Overly Dramatic Acting declares that although the origin of humanity is mysterious and remarkable, “are we ready for what’s to come?” Well, if it’s some horrendous plague that threatens to wipe out the entire human race or an alien invasion from another galaxy, then probably not. But if it’s a remotely controlled flying machine aimed at the consumer technology market, then bring it on.

Having already scored big successes with its Phantom, Mavic, and Spark drones, the money is on DJI adding another one to its growing range.

The video shows some deliberately vague shots of the product, leaving fans to reach their own conclusions about what’s coming.

Considering the noise it’s making about the upcoming event, it’ll likely be something new for DJI, so perhaps it’s about to launch its first fixed-wing drone along the lines of the Parrot Disco or Yuneec’s recently announced Firebird FPV? Come to think of it, is that a wing we see at the end of DJI’s video?

Such fixed-wing machines generally need wide-open spaces to fly, and also require a different set of skills to master than regular quadcopters, though that could be a plus for drone enthusiasts looking for a new kind of piloting experience.

At the other end of the scale, DJI may take the wraps off its very first racing drone, a diminutive design at the center of an increasingly popular sport.

If we take the teaser vid at face value, however, it seems most likely that DJI plans to unveil a drone with folding arms — perhaps a new generation of Mavic, or maybe a collapsible, pocket-friendly version of the Spark.

It’s hard to say, but all will be revealed on January 23, so be sure to check back for all the details.

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