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Kensington Keeps iPods, iPhones Juiced

Accessory and peripheral maker Kensington has taken the wraps off two new battery pack/chargers for iPod and iPhone users, enabling users to charge (and keep using) their favorite Apple portable devices even when they’re away from computers, wall outlets, and adapters. The battery packs are designed to serve as a portable recharge for iPod and iPhone users on the go; when users need to recharge their devices on the go, they can pop on the battery pack and pick up extra juice. When connected to a power source, the devices can both charge and power an iPod or iPhone at the same time.

The Battery Pack and Charger for iPhone and iPod comes with a AC-powered USB charger, a dock connector for an iPod or iPhone, a mini-USB cable for charging other devices like cell phones and PDAs, and has an LED indicator displaying the current battery level. Kensington says the battery pack extends playing time to up to 100 hours of music, 21 hours of video, or 6 hours of talk time on an iPhone.

The Mini Battery Pack and Charger for iPhone and iPod is the same idea, just smaller…and, consequently, carries a little less punch. Kensington says the mini version will power up to 30 hours of music, 6 hours of video, or 3 hour os talk time; it includes a retractible USB cable for recharging the battery pack, and sports and LED indicator so users know how much power is left in the battery pack.

The mini version of the Battery Pack and Charger runs $49.99 and is available now; the larger “full size” version can be pre-ordered for $69.99.

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