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Kindle Upgrade Connects with Facebook and Twitter has officially rolled out its version 2.5 software update for its Kindle ereaders, adding the capability for users to share items from their Kindles directly to Facebook or Twitter. With the update, users can share notes or highlighted passages from material they’re reading and have them posted directly to their Twitter and/or Facebook feeds. is rolling out the update to Kindle customers wirelessly, and most customers can expect the update to be delivered to their devices over the next few weeks. Users who don’t want to keep their wireless capability turned on or just want to install the update manually can follow instructions on Amazon’s support pages.

The version 2.5 update also provides the capability to zan and zoom in PDF documents, enables users to see “popular highlights”—the most-highlighted passages in a book according to the broader Kindle community—and add a password to protect access to a Kindle when it’s not being used. Users will also pick up two new larger font sizes and sharper fonts for an improved reading experience. The software update also includes the capability to enable users to arbitrarily organize books and documents into “Collections.”

The update is available for U.S. and global wireless editions of the Kindle and Kindle DX; however, Kindle software version 1.2 is still the latest version for owners of first-generation Kindles.

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