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Make the perfect cup of coffee even in the middle of nowhere with Leverpresso

LEVERPRESSO with kickstarter
If you’re out on a camping trip, you can’t expect to find a coffee shop at the top of a mountain. What’s a dedicated java junkie to do? Just wrapping up a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Leverpresso All-in-One portable espresso maker is a coffee maker for those who are as the key to making great coffee, even in the great outdoors. It can create a consistent and stable force of 6 to 9 atmospheres when pressing the water through the coffee.

There are quite a few portable espresso makers to choose from, but Leverpresso emphasizes its dual-lever design as the key to making great coffee, especially when you’re out in the wilderness. It can create a consistent and stable force of 6 to 9 atmospheres when pressing the water through the coffee.

Constructed of stainless steel and aluminum, the Leverpresso has an elegant design and weighs less than a pound. It’s small enough to be easily stored for camping or just a trip to the park. The double-shot capacity will keep you wired wherever you are. The basic kit includes a 50mm stainless steel filter and an integrated cup. It’s available in four colors.

As any expert barista will tell you, the ability to control the speed and pressure of the extraction is what lets you make your coffee exactly how you like it. The normal extraction is about 30 seconds – if you do it quicker, you’ll get a more sour taste and slower extraction tends to produce a sweeter mixture.

As the company explains at its site, “You can achieve maximum pressure with little force. Leverpresso can reach up to 9 bars of pressure, even with its small size. You’ll be able to change the taste of the coffee based on the pressure, amount of water, time of extraction, and all of these aspects can be controlled directly by you!”

If you love your coffee and demand it just so, this might be the portable coffee maker you’ve been looking for. Leverpresso has already blown way past their initial funding goal, and it’s now accepting pre-orders at its Kickstarter page. The basic set is $69 (a regular retail price of $99), and you can expect delivery in January 2018.

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