This long-arm selfie stick wants to help you blend in, sort of

tourists fall off cliff in selfie attempt stick

While selfie-stick owners may on the whole look like a self-assured bunch, there’s likely one or two in every horde of tourists that, having forked out for the device, just can’t muster the courage to pull it from their bag and actually use it, fearful of looking like a doofus or attracting the attention of any selfie-stick haters lurking in the crowd.

Fear of embarrassment was what kept Japanese inventor Mansooon from extending his stick in public, a situation that led him to dream up an ingenious way around the issue.

His special kit comprises two fake hands ordered from Amazon, a couple of selfie sticks, a clamp for his smartphone, and a shirt restitched to give it unfeasibly long arms, thereby concealing the poles (both arms are about the same length to make the outfit look “normal”).

Once fitted together and fully tested, Mansooon headed to Asakusa – one of Tokyo’s top tourist spots – to grab a few selfies without drawing attention to himself.

long-arm selfie stick

OK, you’re right, there’s no way on earth Mansooon could blend in, his absurd contraption instead gaining plenty of attention among those nearby. Still, with that extra height, he must’ve got some great shots.

selfie stick asakusa

In a detailed explanation of his project, Mansooon notes that the inclusion of the “arm” in the photos makes the images look just like old-school selfies, an outcome that may well appeal to many self-portrait enthusiasts.

However, if you’re a self-conscious selfie-stick owner who rather likes the look of Mansooon’s creation, don’t build your hopes up. He doesn’t mention whether he plans to commercialize his invention, but with the likelihood of next to no one buying it, we’re betting he won’t be approaching investors anytime soon. Or ever.

Still, you could always build the device yourself, and then use it to skirt the increasing number of selfie stick bans at tourists sites around the world.

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