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With the Mooz, you can 3D print, carve, and engrave, too

Mooz: Industrial Grade Transformable Metallic 3D Printer
The 3D printers of 2017 aren’t just bringing your ideas to life in multiple dimensions — they’re engraving and carving those dimensions as well. Meet the Mooz, a 3D printer that is not only fully modular, but can also operate as a CNC carver and laser engraver. Because everyone is expected to be a jack of all trades these days — even our machines.

Thanks to the easily constructible design of the Mooz, you can quickly vary the shape of the modular device, allowing you to adjust the speed and resolution capabilities of the printer. Depending on how Mooz is oriented, you can either go for cost-effectiveness in your printing, precision and stability, or speed and color-mixing. What is color-mixing, you ask? As the name suggests, this practice combines colors together to help you create an imaginative 3D printing, rather than the traditional monotoned models we’re more accustomed to.

Constructed with solid aluminum alloys, an all-metal hot end, and precision acme lead screws, this printer promises precision quality and consistent performance each and every time. And thanks to the printer’s straightforward software, you need simply to drag and drop your design into the interface, and Mooz will take care of the rest.

If you’re not interested in printing something, but need to leave your mark on an existing piece, you can turn to the machine’s CNC capabilities. With an adjustable depth of zero to five millimeters, you can carve artwork with precision and speed. The Mooz also comes with a laser engraving head. So whether you’re looking to print a logo or some text, you can use Mooz to engrave wood, corks, or even your food.
To take advantage of these two functionalities, simply swap out the 3D printing head for either the CNC carver or the laser engraver. With a month left in its campaign, the Mooz has already raised well over $100,000 from nearly 300 backers, a promising start for the Kickstarter project. If you’re interested in buying one of these combination 3D printers yourself, prices start at $239. If you’re interested in purchasing the complete set (with all the various functions), prices begin at $429.

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