Virtual reality porn is here

Virtual Porn
Everyone knew it was coming, and some manufacturers have already said they didn’t care; but perhaps earlier than anyone expected, the first dedicated virtual reality porn scene from an established adult entertainment brand is here. The techno-smut comes from Naughty America, and is an entry into its ‘2 Chicks Same Time’ series.

If the title leaves you baffled as to the scene’s content, here’s a quick explainer: By using a VR headset, the viewer will be transported into a scene with pornstars Nikki Benz and Jaclyn Taylor, and the first person view will, “elevate the user to a new height — a more sensitized, sexual plane,” according to Naughty America’s press release blurb.

Obviously, you’re going to need a VR headset to appreciate Naughty America’s latest work of art, but provided you own an Oculus Rift or a Samsung Gear VR, you’re in luck. What’s more, test footage demonstrating the VR experience is available to download for each headset right now — and from both male and female points-of-view — for free. Additionally, the Homido VR headset and the Mobile VR Station app will be utilized for a forthcoming iPhone version.

If you don’t own a VR headset, but are determined to get a look at some VR grot in the near future, and the idea of watching immersive adult material in public appeals; both Nikki Benz and Jaclyn Taylor will be at the San Diego Comic-Con from July 9 demonstrating the new tech.

The company is pushing its VR porn scene towards the tech-savvy audience that hangs out on Reddit, with threads appearing on the Oculus and OculusNSFW boards. Comments from those who have already checked out the scene say the quality is good, but there is some disappointment over the 30fps frame rate.

Naughty America is promising updates to its VR catalog on a weekly basis.

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