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Introduce your kids to the magic of 3D printing with Toybox

Toybox: The 3D Printer Just For Kids
Who says 3D-printing is only for scientists, architects, and other professional adults? Certainly not the team behind Toybox, Now, you can find Toybox on Indiegogo, and encourage creativity in your kids with this affordable and easy-to-use 3D printer.

Heralded as the only 3D printer that children can use immediately and intuitively without the need for any background knowledge or training, the Toybox and its one-touch technology will allow your kids (and you) to print a whole host of objects. Whether you want to make a small action toy, your own set of building blocks, an instrument, or a new piece of jewelry, Toybox can be of service.

Promising high-resolution precision details, this 3D printer claims to be as fast as it is precise. Moreover, Toybox says, each model in its extensive library has already been optimized to reduce printing time, and pre-tested to ensure detailed prints at a resolution of 200 microns.

But to really allow your kids to be as creative as possible, the Toybox platform includes apps that allow young users to design their own toys or objects, and bring them to life via a 3D printer. And if you like what you see, you can easily store these unique creations in the Toybox cloud so you can brag about, er, share the design with your friends and family, or just have it handy for later access.

And because Toybox promises “virtually no maintenance,” this might just be your favorite toy, too. Don’t worry about cleaning up after your kids after a long day of fun — the only thing you’ll ever need to do is replace the printer “ink,” which is non-toxic, biodegradable, and easily available for purchase from the Toybox store. And to really assuage any fears about the dangers associated with a 3D printer, Toybox comes with a bendable print bed, which means that you can simply jiggle the base to remove your 3D print, instead of relying on a potentially dangerous sharp object to pry the finished print out of the machine.

As it stands, you can order the Toybox for the early bird price of $199, with an estimated ship date of January 2018.

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