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Digital Trends Live: COVID-19 spreads, Google Stadia tiers, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Adrien Warner discuss the biggest-trending stories in tech, including the continuing spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Google Stadia’s tiers of service, AT&T TV, space news, and more.

Corey Gaskin, Dt’s Mobile editor, reviews his five favorite things about the new Samsung Galaxy S20 device.

Austin Cohen

Austin Cohen, founder and chief executive officer of Flexit, then discusses how it can help you get a workout in wherever you are, with access to thousands of gyms where you can pay by the minute.

We then review the Fujifilm X-T4, which erases every complaint we had about the X-T.

Brian Wallace

Nibler then speaks with Brian Wallace, founder and president of NowSourcing, about creating infographics that tell a simple story backed up with data.

Then we talk awesome tech you can’t buy yet, where we take a look at a solar-powered bike light, a portable ultrasonic cleaner, and the Casio F-91W solid-state watch.

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Stadia finally comes to Chromecast with Google TV and Android TV OS devices
Google Stadia working with Chromecast With Google TV.

Google Stadia is finally coming to Chromecast with Google TV. A new update will be available on June 23 that brings Google's cloud streaming service to more TVs.

Chromecast with Google TV launched in September, allowing users to easily stream entertainment apps in up to 4K HDR. Oddly, Google Stadia support was absent from the updated Chromecast at launch, puzzling fans of the gaming platform. After a long delay, the service will finally be compatible with Google's own device.

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Stadia was a no-show during Google’s 2-hour I/O keynote
google stadia review rs 4

Google I/O 2021 is off to a bang. The developer conference kicked off with a two-hour keynote speech that ushered in the future of Google. We saw some eye-popping developments in machine learning, more inclusive design considerations, and much more across Google's suite of products.

There was one notable absence at the party: Stadia. Google's gaming service didn't get any new announcements during the platform-spanning keynote. In fact, the word Stadia wasn't mentioned once.

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Google Maps is getting improved Live View navigation, more detailed map data
google maps

Google is making Maps even more helpful than it already is. At Google I/O 2021, the company announced a series of updates to Google Maps that will make it more helpful in day-to-day life, and improve features like the augmented reality (AR) view that Google launched in Maps last year.

Perhaps the most notable change to Maps is that Google is adding more detail in several places. For example, Google Maps will now show users where things like crosswalks, street signs, and intersection markers are straight from the normal map view. As noted by Google at the event, this could be very helpful for parents with strollers, those in a wheelchair, or those who just want to plan their exact walk. The more detailed view was actually already announced by Google in August, but is now more rolling out to 50 more cities around the world.

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