It was fun: Nintendo ends Wii production as Switch system nears debut

Maybe call it the KISS version?

It looks like Microsoft is taking square aim at Google’s cloud-based Chrome OS with a new version of Windows simply known as… Windows Cloud. According to a post on ZD Net, Windows Cloud could end up being a super-simplified version of Windows that runs Microsoft’s Universal Apps. The OS could end up on low-cost PCs for free or maybe just really cheap, and should run on low-cost, low-power CPUs. Sound familiar?

So when will Windows Cloud arrive? A Creators update to Win-10 is expected this spring, so likely then at the earliest, but most likely this year for sure. Maybe.

It was a (literal) good run

It’s the end of an era – and the beginning of another – at Nintendo as the video game icon shuts down production of Wii-U consoles and games. Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild will be the last game released for the system.

Nintendo is of course switching their focus to the new Switch gaming system, which company officials say has seen strong pre-orders ahead of its debut in March. But, for legions of Wii fans out there, it’s still sort of a sad day. On the bright side, the Wii used market is going strong, so you should be able to snap up games and gear on the cheap for decades to come.

Charging toward the future of driving

Been thinking about buying a new car? Well do we have a deal for you? Well, OK, Chevy has a deal for you, and we just got through driving it. It’s the Chevy Bolt, their latest (but not their first) all-electric car, and if you’ve been thinking it would be nice to never buy gas again, this truly is the car for you. The two stats you need to know first? 238 miles of range on a single charge, and 30 grand after incentives, refunds, etc.

Many people still think of electric cars – outside of Tesla’s luxury models – as odd-duck contraptions that have yet to reach maturity. Consider it reached with the new Bolt, which packs 200 horsepower, 266 pound feet of torque, an optional Bose audio system, a 10-inch touchscreen, heated seats, onboard wi-fi, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and a lot of interior room. Plus, it looks pretty slick, too, if a bit… orangy.

DT Car guy Andrew Hard took it for an extended spin and came away impressed. Check out his hands-on review and get ready to never buy gas again.

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