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Reel News: Birds of Prey, The Lodge, and Come to Daddy

Welcome to Reel News, our weekly segment looking at what’s coming out in the box office, and what’s worth your money this weekend. Join Erin Keeney and Riley Winn as they take a look at Birds of Prey, The Lodge, and Come to Daddy.

First up is Birds of Prey, a follow-up to 2016’s Suicide Squad, featuring Margot Robbie back in her role as antihero Harley Quinn. The movie finds Quinn surrounded by some of the most famous female characters in the DC universe, and is directed by Chinese director Cathy Yan. Keeney says, “Yan immediately loved the script and the themes of female empowerment …with a lot of dark humor.” She adds, “I think with Yan at the helm, there’s something totally unique to the genre.” Birds of Prey flies into theaters February 7.

Next up we have The Lodge, about a family retreat that takes a turn when the father has to go back to work and leaves his two kids in the care of his fiancee, Grace, at a lodge. A blizzard traps them inside and Grace starts to steadily unravel, and terrifying events bring scary flashbacks from her past. Keeney says, “My first thought is The Shining, which the directors say influenced the film.” Austrian filmmakers Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz direct. “This isn’t one of those jump scare films,” Keeney continues. “It’s a lot quieter. It will be interesting to see how this pacing and style resonate with an American audience.” The Lodge opens in theaters on February 7.

Finally, we have Come to Daddy, which takes place at another horror-filled cabin with the most bizarre family reunion you could imagine. The movie follows an awkward 30-something man (Elijah Wood) who projects himself as a glamorous and flashy person, but it’s all a front. Struggling with addiction and depression, he spends this time looking for a meaningful life connection. After receiving a letter from his long-lost father, he treks to a remote cabin for the family reunion he’s always wanted. Keeney says of the film, “This looks like an endlessly shocking ride. It’s a blend of comedy and horror. I would recommend not learning too much about this film, and just embracing the mayhem of it all!” Winn adds, “I think this is one horror movie I could actually go see! From the trailer, it seems like it has enough comedic relief to not give me nightmares.” Come To Daddy opens in theaters February 7.

“But if you’re going to see one movie this weekend,” Winn says, “make it Birds of Prey.”

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