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The Echo Dot with a clock is cheaper at Best Buy than Amazon

Amazon has become a modern monolith among smart home ecosystems, and one of its foundations is the Echo Dot, which allows you to control your home and various services just with your voice while also providing surprisingly good audio. It’s pretty rare that you find one of these devices cheaper at another retailer, but today we have an amazing Best Buy deal that offers the Echo Dot (4th Gen) for a lower cost than Amazon, bringing it down to $33 from $60.

Why you should buy the Echo Dot (4th Gen) with clock

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) with Clock on table.
John Velasco / Digital Trends

If you aren’t familiar with the Echo Dot (4th Gen), it’s a great upgrade from the previous version, and while it may maintain the same shape, it has a few upgrades that make it worth the purchase price. For example, the speaker is pretty good, and while it won’t compete with something bigger, the 1.6-inch front-firing speaker packs a punch that you can’t argue with, especially for its size. It also does a surprisingly good job of filling out the room with volume, so you aren’t likely to need more than one in a bedroom or kitchen unless the spaces are massive, but in that case, you may want to go with something like the Echo Studio.

Besides that, you get access to all the Amazon services you’d expect, with the more prescient one being streaming services like Spotify so you can listen to music. Amazon has also recently introduced their Alexa Guard service, which listens in for potential emergencies and notifies you, although the service is paid, and the wider emergency responses are more expensive. Uniquely though, this version comes with a sort of display that you can use as a clock, to display the temperature, and a couple of other great functions, and really should have been there by default, but we assume the option is there for those who would rather get the Echo Dot for less money.

All told, the Echo Dot (4th Gen) is a great little device that can supplement your Amazon ecosystem or help introduce you to it, and with Best Buy’s deal bringing it down to $33 from $60, you could even grab a couple. That being said, if you need something bigger or fancier, check out some of our other Amazon Echo deals.

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