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Amazon slashes $250 off Bird Electric Scooter, arrives by Christmas

Amazon dropped an amazing deal on the Bird Electric Scooter. For today only, until midnight Pacific Time, December 22, 2019, you can buy a Bird ES1-300 Electric Scooter for $250 off, and Amazon can deliver it before Christmas. Approved for use by riders aged 18 years and older, the Bird Scooter makes a great gift for riding in urban areas, on college campuses, and just for fun around the neighborhood.

Bird’s ES1-300 Electric Scooter has a 300-watt continuous power electric motor that has a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour. The maximum range per charge with the scooter’s rechargeable Lithium-ion battery is 15.5 miles, but that could vary depending on rider weight, speed, temperature, road surface, incline, and more. The faster you travel, the shorter the range.

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The Bird Scooter has mechanical brakes front and rear with antilock braking plus electrical braking. A coil suspension in front absorbs some road shocks and helps to minimize bouncing. An 8-inch tire in front and 7.5-inch rear tire also smooth the ride.

A digital LED display in the middle of the handlebar shows speed and battery level. The handlebar also has thumb controls for the throttle, brakes, and a horn. The scooter has an LED headlight, brake light, and front and ground effect lights for safety and style.

The Bird Scooter is built from a combination of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and high-density polymer. The result is an urban micromobility alternative with a 220-pound capacity payload (rider and backpack).

The Bird Electric Scooter weight 27.6 pounds, which makes it easy to carry. The only drawback is the scooter handle doesn’t fold, which makes storage less convenient to store, plus it can be awkward on elevators or in crowded spaces.

Bird ES1-300 measures 38.9-inches long x 9.1-inches wide and 22.7-inches high. When you park the scooter, a convenient kickstand on the front left side of the deck keeps it upright.

According to Bird, the ES1-300 is UL-2272 Certified to meet Underwriter Laboratories standards. The UL testing includes the electrical system, the mechanical components, and environmental factors.

Normally priced at $599, the Bird ES1-300 Electric Scooter is just $349 for 24-hours, ending at midnight tonight, December 22. If you’re looking for an electric scooter as a jaw-dropping gift or for yourself, take advantage of this awesome price.

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