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Baseus has an answer to all of your power needs, home or away

This content was produced in partnership with Baseus.

Now and then you’ll come up against a power challenge that needs solving. Maybe your phone’s battery ran out and you need a quick boost to get you through the rest of your day. Or, perhaps you have a handful of devices you need to power at your desk, but only one outlet available, and it’s not enough. Whatever the case, there are solutions out there, and one of the most versatile brands with answers to many of these problems is Baseus. The name Baseus comes from the term “Based on User,” a core company value. Baseus provides minimalist products that emphasize easy-to-use design and Haute class textures to meet all user preferences. With over a decade of releases in consumer electronics, Baseus has amassed numerous patents, garnered international design awards, and innovated a wide variety of products.

They have an excellent selection of power delivery tech, from fast chargers and power banks to fully-equipped power strips. We’ve taken the liberty to highlight some of Baseus’ best offerings below, but you can also peruse the full inventory. If you choose two devices and add them to your cart you’ll get an extra 5% off at checkout. Many of those devices are already on sale, so now’s a great opportunity to get the power devices you need at a fantastic price.

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SuperSi 30-Watt Wall Charger

Baseus SuperSI 30W wall charger plugged into outlet.

To reduce waste, many phone makers are not shipping their flagship devices with chargers anymore, which means you need to supply your own. What better way to deal with this challenge than by selecting a multi-purpose adapter? Baseus’ 30-Watt USB-C Charger is up to the challenge, with two ports: One USB Type-C and one standard USB Type-A. The Type-C port supports 18-Watt fast charging, while the USB-A supports 12-Watt charging, and both can be used simultaneously.

What’s more, it’s ultra-compact, so you can toss it in a backpack, handbag, or your luggage to take it with you wherever you go. It can charge multiple devices at once, including iPads, iPhones, Samsung handsets, and even the new Pixel 6. It’s available in all-black or all-white. Normally $25, from March 21 to March 28, you can get up to 25% off by using coupon code P5DAEX8Z at checkout, which drops the price to $19 with free Prime shipping.

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Blade Power Bank 100-Watts

Baseus Blade Power Bank plugged into laptop charging it.

Picture this. You’re out traveling, and you realize you need to do something on your laptop, but the battery is low. You cannot find an outlet nearby, and your task is urgent. Luckily, you’ve packed your trusty Baseus 100-Watt, 20,000-milliampere-hour Laptop Blade Power Bank. It’s super thin and lightweight, yet packs a ton of energy into its small frame. With it, you can charge a 16-inch MacBook Pro up to 36% in just 30 minutes.

An LED status indicator on the front tells you how much energy is left in the power bank, how long your device(s) have been charging, and much more. Thanks to two USB-C fast-charging ports, and two USB-A ports there are plenty to plug in your devices, whether you need to charge your phone, laptop, tablet, or something else. The USB-C ports accommodate an output of 100-Watts and an input of 65-Watts. All of that means you can charge super fast, on the go. The Blade Power Bank looks magnificent while doing it, as well. Normally $100, from March 21 to March 28, you can grab the Blade Power Bank right now for 20% off with coupon code DIFK8GQ5 at checkout. That brings the final price down to $80 with free shipping.

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PowerCombo Power Strip 65-Watts

Baseus PowerCombo Power Strip plugged into so many devices.

When you need to plug in and charge or power a ton of devices all at once, a power bank or smaller adapter just won’t do. You need something like Baseus’ PowerCombo Power Strip 65-Watts, which is a beast of a charging station. It includes two AC outlets, with fast-charging support, two 65-Watt USB Type-C ports, and two USB-A ports for a total of six connections. You can charge or power up to six devices at once with this station.

While it’s not necessarily designed for travel — and works better for static use at a desk or a similar setup — you could easily and safely pack it away and bring it with you on a trip. It’s also an excellent solution if you’re working from home and have a ton of gear you need to use, from laptops and printers to mobile devices. A soft LED indicator tells you the charging status at a glance, yet the low brightness won’t interrupt your slumber. It’s also equipped with a multitude of safety features like over-current, over-voltage, overcharge, overload, and overheat protection. Normally $60, from March 21 to March 28, it’s yours for a combined 25% off (5% off code plus 20% off coupon) when you use coupon code Baseus100 at checkout, making the final price $45 with free shipping. You can also save an additional 5% by ordering two select Baseus items at once.

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