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The best Cyber Week gaming chair deals for 2020

Cyber Week deals are going strong, with major retailers like Best Buy and Walmart still offering big discounts for gamers even after Cyber Monday has ended. When exploring these offers, don’t forget about the comfiest part of your gaming setup — and a must for any gamer — a gaming chair. You can score significant savings on products from the likes of GT, AKRacing, Secretlab, and more, so if you need a gaming chair, you should definitely look at what is still available during Cyber Week.

If you spot a deal that fits your needs and budget, we recommend getting in there and making it yours as soon as you can. There’s no telling how long these deals will last, and how fast stocks will run out. If you also need to upgrade your gaming laptop, we’ve rounded up all the best Cyber Week gaming laptop deals that are still available to make things easier for you. For your other gaming needs, we’ve gathered the best Cyber Week gaming deals.

Best Cyber Week gaming chair deals

How to choose a gaming chair

It’s incredibly important that you’re comfortable while indulging in a long gaming session. No one wants aches or pains from sitting awkwardly, and there’s nothing worse than cutting your gaming session short because you just can’t get comfy. Any gaming chair is better than no gaming chair, but it’s important to know a little about what to look for before you invest in one.

We’ve already looked at the best gaming chairs available, but here’s a quick overview if you just want the basics.

As always, make a budget and stick to it. Gaming chairs can get expensive and spending more doesn’t always mean you get the right chair for you. Stick to chairs you can afford and don’t be tempted to go over budget.

Next up, consider what you need from your gaming chair. Do you need to be able to adjust the back extensively or tweak the headrest or armrests? Many high-end gaming chairs often offer these features, but if you’re on a budget, you might be fine with an ergonomic but comfy desk chair instead.

Also, consider the material used to make the chair. Reinforced PVC leather is the sweet spot, but it can be more expensive than cloth, and if you don’t plan on using your chair too extensively, cloth should be just fine. It’s also worth considering how wide the chair needs to be. Many gaming chairs are similarly sized, but if you need wider support, you may find your options are limited. Don’t be afraid to research the width, as well as the height, of the chair. If you live in a hotter climate, or find yourself sweltering during intense gaming challenges, consider a breathable mesh chair — there are plenty around to choose from.

Some chairs are firmer than others, and if you’re buying online, you can’t test this for yourself. That’s where our best gaming chair guide comes in handy.

And don’t forget to pick a color that you like. It’s going in your gaming room, so you want it to look good. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more to get the aesthetic you want.

Finally — and this is more of a tip for when it arrives — be ready to spend a little time building the chair. No gaming chair is overly complicated to assemble, but bear in mind that you’ll need to spend some time putting it together when the box does show up.

Should you buy a gaming chair?

Cyber Week is the final big shopping event of the year. The next time you find deals as good as these is going to be well into 2021. It’s probably your last chance to pick up a heavily discounted gaming chair this year, so if you’re looking to save some cash, the time to buy is now.

How much should you spend on a gaming chair?

Gaming chairs are highly customizable and hence, the cost depends on what you’re looking for. Since there are so many aspects to them, you can buy gaming chairs for as low as $100 to well over $1,000. For instance, gaming chairs made out of cloth material are generally more affordable than the ones with Reinforced PVC leather. On expensive models, you’ll also find perks such as a headrest pillow, a pop-out leg rest for racing games, memory foam padding, and more.

However, as long as you don’t have specific demands and simply want a comfortable, ergonomic chair for those long gaming sessions, there’s no reason for you to spend more than a couple of hundred dollars. Thankfully, with so many Cyber Week gaming chair deals still available, you can easily snag a premium chair for much less than what it normally costs.

Are any gaming chair deals too good to be true?

Just as you would when shopping for anything, use caution when shopping Cyber Week gaming chair deals. Many retailers like to use major sale events to offload stock of older models. While this is a great opportunity for you to get your hands on a cheap gaming chair, it also means that if you’re looking for the latest models, you may not find them on sale. Be sure to check the specs on any gaming chair that you are considering to ensure it is the model that you actually want.

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