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Best wireless keyboard deals for October 2022

If you use a computer on the regular, you already know that you’re not gonna get much done without a comfortable set of keys. The reality is that built-in laptop keyboards usually aren’t particularly enjoyable to use for any length of time, and the majority of keyboards that come boxed with desktop PCs feel pretty cheap under your fingers. A better option is to upgrade to a nice wireless keyboard. You don’t have to pay much to get a nice one, either, and our roundup of the month’s best wireless keyboard deals is your chance to score one for a bargain.

These discounts feature some keyboard bundles with mice included, but if you need to buy of those separately or need some other stuff to outfit your workstation, check out these wireless mouse deals, headphone deals, and monitor deals, too.

Today’s Best Wireless Keyboard Deals

Cherry MX Blue switches, Aura Sync RGB lighting, PBT keycaps, a compact frame, and wireless connectivity. The ASUS ROG Falchion gaming keyboard pretty much has it all at a great price. more
Work comfortably and efficiently like never before with the Microsoft Sculpt wireless keyboard, designed for ergonomic typing with an accompanying number pad on the side. more
Built with mechanical switches for super-fast responsiveness and accurate execution of commands. Other features include wireless connectivity, programmable keys, and RGB lighting. more
Can't live without your Mac? Pair it with the Magic Keyboard -- eliminating the need to crouch over a small laptop screen while working with a monitor, and it's a great companion for the Mac Mini too. more
A reliable go-to for any gamer, this keyboard has responsive mechanical keys and an ultra-fast wireless connection. The Logitech G613 Lightspeed keeps things simple yet powerful. more
This sleek and stylish mechanical keyboard and mouse bundle transports your workspace into the future with mechanical keys and both Bluetooth wireless connectivity. more
Make any desktop setup look good with this keyboard's simplistic circular design that doesn't cut any corners. more
Designed to provide you with an ergonomic user experience, the Microsoft Comfort Desktop 5050 wireless keyboard and mouse combo is an optimal tool with enough keys for every function you'll ever need. more
With on-page coupon
Whether you're working in the office or at home, you should have this wireless keyboard in your laptop bag. It comes with a full-sized numeric pad and 13 convenient shortcut keys. more
With every key a keyboard could ever need, this is your ultimate all-in-one option. With a cushioned palm rest and curved layout, this keyboard combines beauty and brains like no other. more
Available in white or black
This gaming keyboard offers dual wired and wireless modes, with a minimalist layout of keys that leaves more space on the table for mouse movements. more
Are you on the hunt for a compact keyboard for your tablet? The Onn. wireless Bluetooth keyboard is the perfect companion for staying productive on the go. more
Microsoft's pair of Bluetooth keyboard and mouse offer a reliable and affordable wireless experience that checks all the essential boxes including a long-lasting battery and comfortable keys. more
If you've ever found yourself juggling more than one computer at a time, this is what you need. This wireless keyboard and mouse combo can connect to up to three computers simultaneously. more
The perfect keyboard for any desktop setup, with multipurpose keys concentrated in a simple design for maximum ease of use and utility. more

A beginner’s guide to wireless keyboards

Paired with a desktop monitor and a wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard can turn any laptop into the ultimate home workstation. The type of keyboard you opt for will depend entirely on your needs. If you’re after something to get some work done during the day before kicking back in the evening to battle to the end in Fortnite, you’ll probably want something a little more high-end with mechanical switches. These result in a faster response — less time between you clicking the button and the character on the screen executing the action. Many popular gaming keyboards feature this design.

Now, what about us mere mortals who are just after a keyboard to get down to business? There are a couple of different options. Something cheap will almost always do the trick, offering the wire-free typing experience that so many of us crave. Increase your budget a little bit and you’ll get near-enough to the same hardware, but the keys won’t be as loud and loose. Pivot to the top-end and you’ll take home a keyboard with some resistance. These deliver the most satisfying typing feedback as you have to press with at least an ounce of force to make the word you’re thinking of appear on the screen.

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Plus, there are a couple of unique characteristics that wireless keyboards can have. Some are collapsible, meaning they fold in half for easy transportation. We recommend staying as far away from these as can be. Unless you’re parting with an awful lot of cash, they’re often poorly made, and rattle around as you type. In a more positive light, some wireless keyboards come with a built-in numeric keypad (we aren’t kidding — they still exist!). These are particularly useful if you spend a large chunk of your day immersed in Microsoft Excel or some other software where numbers are all the rage.

Do wireless keyboards need to be charged?

That depends on the type of wireless keyboard you have. Some run on disposable batteries. These don’t need to be charged. Others run on solar power. These don’t need to be charged, instead requiring natural light to recharge (if your workstation is not in a place that gets a lot of natural light, though, then these are best avoided). The final type use rechargeable batteries, which — surprise, surprise — need to be recharged. This can usually be done using a USB cable and typically recharging doesn’t see them out of action. They just won’t be wireless, so to speak, while they’re hooked up to a power source.

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