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Bluetti Bucks: Earn rewards and discounts on charging gear

Need some new charging gear? With summer right around the corner, now’s a good time to make sure you’ve got all the equipment you need to keep your precious tech juiced up when you’re on the go. Now’s also a good time to shop because Bluetti, one of our favorite makers of power stations, portable batteries, and solar generators, just launched Bluetti Bucks, a new program that lets you earn rewards and exclusive discounts on its broad catalog of charging devices. We’ve got everything you need to know, including how to sign up, right here.

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Bluetti makes just about every type of charging device you could need, from portable chargers to heavy-duty power stations that can provide electricity to laptops and home appliances. In other words, no matter what your power needs may be, Bluetti has something that’s sure to be a good fit. The online storefront runs regular sales, too, so there are often some pretty great Bluetti power station deals on tap — and the Bluetti Bucks program makes it easy to stack the savings even higher.

A collection of Bluetti charging devices.

The Bluetti Bucks rewards program is pretty straightforward. After signing up, you automatically start earning “bucks” that you can redeem in a number of ways, such as for special gifts, vouchers, and coupons that you can use for future purchases. Bluetti Bucks members also get to enjoy exclusive seasonal promotions as well as early access to newly released products, and you even get a free gift on your birthday.

There are a ton of ways to earn Bluetti Bucks, too. In fact, pretty much everything you do on the Bluetti website, from creating and completing your profile (400 bucks combined) to even just signing in to your account (50 bucks each time) earns you bucks, and you also receive one buck per dollar spent on every purchase. Rewards scale as well, meaning that the more you spend, the more bucks you can earn as you rise in the membership tiers. Leaving reviews, interacting with Bluetti’s social media accounts, and referring friends to the Bluetti Bucks programs are a few other easy ways to earn.

The Bluetti Bucks program just launched on April 5, so you can sign up now and start enjoying the benefits right away. It costs nothing to sign up and, as we already mentioned, you even get a bundle of bucks just for creating an account and filling out your profile.

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Google Pixel Watch is back down to its Black Friday price
Google Pixel Watch on a wrist.

Black Friday and the greater shopping holiday is the best time to find amazing deals. People wait all year until then to get low prices on TVs, electronics, games, and so much more. You'd be forgiven for thinking it's the best time to grab some juicy smartwatch deals or Google Pixel deals. But actually, Best Buy is offering a crazy deal on the Google Pixel Watch right now, that's equivalent to those Black Friday prices we've seen in the past. Normally $350, it's yours for just $300, which is $50 off. You can grab the 41mm Google Pixel Watch in any of its available colors including Black/Obsidian, Silver/Charcoal, and Gold/Hazel. Snag that deal below or keep reading on why you might want a Google Pixel Watch on your wrist.

In our Google Pixel watch review, Andy Boxall praised the watch for its comfortable design and integration of the Fitbit app for comprehensive activity and health tracking support. In addition, the circular design with minimal aesthetics blends well with modern fashion in just about any of the colors you can select from. You can also style the software aspect, with unique watch faces, colors, and layouts -- and you can even swap between digital, analog, and modern looks.

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This is the excuse you need to upgrade to an August Smart Lock
August Wi-Fi Smart Lock installed on door.

It's easy to overlook the convenience of a smart door lock until you actually use one. In most cases, a standard deadbolt does just fine, and you can lock, and unlock your door using a traditional key. But what if your keys weren't needed? What if you could unlock your door with your phone, with a quick tap, or remotely? That's precisely what the best smart door locks have to offer, and also why they're a staple of the best smart home devices you should own. Of course, it's always best to get one at a steep discount, which is what Best Buy is offering right now, and for one of the best smart locks out there too. The August WiFi Smart Lock with a Smart Keypad -- normally sold separately -- is on sale for $40 off. On any other day it would cost you $270, but right now, Best Buy is letting you have it for $230. You can either grab that deal below or check out some of the finer details of the August WiFi Smart Lock.

In our August Smart Lock review, although it was for an older version, the points still stand because the features have carried over from iteration to iteration. Our resident reviewer praised it for its easy installation process, auto lock and unlock functionality, sturdy build quality, and the fact that it doesn't need a bridge or any other devices to set up. Just install, connect to WiFi, and go. If you're unfamiliar with what smart locks actually do, feel free to read the primer: 7 things you didn't know a smart lock could do. Perhaps one of the coolest features is the option to temporarily let guests and family into your home, even if you're not there, without actually handing them physical keys.

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This Nintendo Switch deal lets you choose a free Mario game
A person plays Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on a Nintendo Switch in handheld mode.

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular gaming systems in the world, and its popularity makes it a rare device to find a discount on. But right now at Best Buy you can grab a Nintendo Switch Bundle, which includes a free Mario game, and you can choose between Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. This deal sees the bundle going for $300, with savings coming in the form of the free Mario game. Free shipping is included, or you can pick it up at your nearest Best Buy where available.

Why you should get the Nintendo Switch Bundle
Nintendo has been one of the most popular gaming companies for a very long time, due mostly to the games it produces. The Nintendo Switch is its current gaming system, and it’s also one of the most popular the company has ever put out. With three modes in one, the Switch is designed to fit your life, transforming from a home console you can put into your television into a portable system you can take with you anywhere. You can take on some of the best multiplayer games on Nintendo Switch while you’ve got it set up at home, and while you’re on the go you can tackle some of the best Nintendo Switch games.

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