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Ditch the gas generator with these BLUETTI solar generators

It’s time to go solar. There are tons of reasons to do it – the environment, effectiveness, long term cost benefits – but we can get into those later. Right now, all you need to know is that BLUETTI just premiered their new solar generator and battery, the BLUETTI AC300 and its accompanying lithium iron phosphate battery module, the B300.

BLUETTI’s first foray into modular solar power stations was a breakout success story. The BLUETTI AC200 MAX has been sold out since its debut. BLUETTI is restocking the AC200 MAX at the same time they release the AC300 – and they’re discounting it. You can get the AC200 MAX for $1,799, $300 off the sticker price.

Why do you need a solar power station? And why choose BLUETTI? Read about their different models, and how you can save money on all of them, right here.


BLUETTI AC300 & B300 Batteries

BLUETTI AC300 solar power station and B300 batteries
Image used with permission by copyright holder

BLUETTI announced the AC300 and B300 battery in July of this year. This is BLUETTI’s newest and strongest power station. BLUETTI AC300 is totally modular, meaning the batteries are separate from the power station and can be removed easily. You can add up to four B300 battery modules per unit, adding up to a total of 12,288-watt hours. Separating the unit from its batteries makes transportation much easier. Only need one battery for the weekend camping trip? Save the energy you would have spent on lugging a massive generator around and just bring one battery.

The AC300 is equipped with lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cells, which will stand the test of time without losing their charging capacity. It can receive 2,400 watts of maximum power point tracker (MPPT) input. With MPPT input, solar power stations and keep your batteries charged and running at peak efficiency. You can even charge through solar and a power outlet simultaneously. All of this can be controlled with an app or your phone, through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The AC300 with one B300 battery will be $2,899 when it’s released on Wednesday, Sept. 15. That’s $800 off for a limited time. The deal won’t last long though, so jump in there!


BLUETTI AC200 MAX & B230 Batteries

BLUETTI AC200 MAX solar power station and B230 batteries.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

BLUETTI’s previous model, the AC200 MAX, is coming back in stock. It’s not quite as powerful as the new AC300, but has its own advantages. The AC200 MAX has a standard built-in 2,048Wh LFP battery pack, and the ability to add additional battery modules. In fact, the AC200 can be connected to the original B230 batteries and the new B300 batteries shown above. The AC300 can only use B300 batteries. When the AC200 MAX is connected to two B300 battery modules, it can reach 8,192 watt-hours.

For a limited time, BLUETTI is offering a discount on the AC200 MAX as well. It’s only $1,799, down $300 from the original price. You can save even more by purchasing bundles.


Why You Should Buy a Solar Generator

The biggest reason to buy a solar generator is its impact on the environment. Solar energy is a clean and endlessly renewable power source, and its collection doesn’t harm anything or anyone. Gas generators cause air and noise pollution. They case long term damage to the planet, and quick, irreversible damage to your lungs. Forget about using a gas generator indoors.

There are also practical benefits of solar generators that help individual customers. These BLUETTI solar power stations, for instance, are extremely quiet – 35dB, the level of a whisper. They are super low maintenance, with almost no moving parts. The user-friendly tech like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi make them easy to use. You can hook them up as an uninterrupted power supply, so you won’t even notice when the power goes out. The BLUETTI power station will just take over. The modular setup means they can be transported much easier than a massive gas generator. The AC300 unit weighs 44 pounds, and the batteries weigh 74 pounds each. That’s a lot lighter than a 250-pound generator.

But the biggest benefit of all comes from a combination of both environmentalism and economics: the sun is free, and fuel is not. You can use the sun’s free energy for the full lifespan of your solar panels, usually 25 to 30 years. The batteries themselves have a lifespan of roughly ten years before their capacity starts to dwindle. That means you never have to refuel. You just need to hang out and enjoy the sunshine.

All in all, solar power is certainly worth your money in the long run, and your fellow humans will thank you for it. Check out BLUETTI’s deals on their new AC300 unit, $800 off at launch, and AC200 MAX, $300 off at its restock.

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