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Protect your privacy with a lifetime subscription to Disconnect Premium

Disconnect Premium
In today’s age of mass surveillance, online privacy has become a major concern. Increasing numbers of people are turning to security and encryption software, which were once solely within the purview of tech experts and government agencies. Award-winning software like Disconnect has now made it easy for average users to protect themselves from cybercriminals, nosy ISPs, and annoying advertising trackers.

The internet is full of threats to your privacy, with a myriad of hidden trackers designed to collect your personal information. Many of these exist for purposes such as targeted advertisements, Disconnect Premiumwhich, while annoying, are relatively harmless. Others pose a more serious danger, using these security holes as an avenue for hacking and theft.

Disconnect totally blocks these tracking requests, keeping your personal info and browsing habits free from prying eyes. Disconnect Premium takes security to another level: Along with completely blocking trackers, a Premium subscription gives you a full-featured virtual private network.

This VPN totally encrypts your internet connection and routs it through a secure network of private servers. Along with blocking trackers, Disconnect PremiumDisconnect Premium locks down your devices so that nobody – not even your internet service provider – can see the data being transmitted on your local network. Tunneling your connection through foreign servers also makes it appear as if you are accessing websites from a different country, further enhancing your privacy and allowing you to bypass regional access restrictions.

Disconnect has made a huge splash in recent years as one of the top providers of online privacy and anti-tracking software. The company has earned numerous accolades as well, including the 2015 Innovation Award for Privacy and Security from SXSW.

A Premium subscription to Disconnect normally costs $50 per year, but you can enjoy lifetime access for just $49 from the DT Shop. You can use Disconnect Premium on up to three of your devices simultaneously, and the app is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows operating systems. If you aren’t sure you need a lifetime membership, you can also get a discounted one-year subscription for $19, or three years for just $29.

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