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Editors’ Prime Day picks: We bought these deals, and you should too

Shopping on Prime Day can be an overwhelming experience — and not just for you. We’re scouring through Prime Day deals to jump on some products for ourselves, too! And when we find something that really jumps out at us, you know it’s good — the team here at Digital Trends tests and reviews hundreds of products a year, finding the best of the best.

Here are all of the deals the DT editors jumped on this Prime Day. See what impressed us, and give it a look for yourself!

Andrew Martonik

Anker Nano Charger 20W PIQ 3.0 Compact Fast Charger (2-Pack) — $20, was $29

Chances are the wall chargers you have around the house are both huge and incapable of charging your devices as quickly as possible. Charger tech has advanced a lot, to the point where we can get awesome deals like this two-pack of Anker chargers for just over $20. They use new tech to output 20W of power despite their tiny size – that’s enough to max out an iPhone’s fast charging, and quick charge any Android. It’ll even get the job done for any tablet you have. 

I love having these things around because they’re so small; they stick out just over an inch from the wall. They aren’t an eyesore, so they’re a good choice for outlets in the kitchen or common spaces where you’ll be looking at them. At the same time, they’re small enough to hide behind furniture – whether you’re pairing it with a long cable to reach around a sofa, or using it for a bedside wireless charger. At about $10 each, these Anker Nano chargers can’t be beat. 

Giovanni Colantonio

Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller — $36, was $67

Mobile gaming is on the rise and it shows no signs of slowing down. We’re currently awaiting portable versions of BattlefieldApex LegendsValorant, and Rocket League, just to name a few. It’s becoming harder to deny the power of mobile as a legitimate gaming platform, so it’s as good a time as any to say “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” To that end, the Razer Kishi Mobile is one of the best mobile gaming accessories out there, turning a cell phone into a full-on portable console. 

The Kishi snugly wraps around a phone and serves as a standard video game controller, essentially transforming any phone into a Nintendo Switch. I’ve been using the Kishi for the past year and it’s become a necessity for cloud gaming. It allows me to play a game like Destiny 2 from the comfort of my bed without having to go through the hassle of pairing and unpairing a wireless controller or fiddling with a gaming clip. It’s a much more elegant solution by comparison and the discount takes it down to the price of any regular gaming controller.  

Nick Mokey

Baseus 65W 3 Port Foldable GaN USB-C Wall Charger — $28, was $50

You don’t need to understand what gallium nitride (GaN) is to know this: It makes chargers much, much smaller. That means this 65W charger, powerful enough to charge a laptop, is nearly the same size as a phone charger. 

I’ve been meaning to upgrade to a GaN laptop charger for years, but like any new technology, they have long commanded a premium. Not on Prime Day! At this price I can afford to replace the charger on my XPS 13 for less than what it would cost to get the chunky stock brick from Dell. 

After sifting through Amazon lookalikes, I zeroed in on this model because it has plenty of legit reviews, and the incredibly petite footprint doesn’t interfere with neighboring outlets. It also supports USB Power Delivery 3.0 and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, so if you own a compatible phone (like an iPhone 8 or newer) you can zap it full faster. If you’re planning to charge a laptop via USB-C, just check your existing power adapter to make sure 65W is enough wattage. 

John Velasco

Govee Aura Table Lamp — $42, was $60

Whenever I think of Amazon Prime Day, it’s that time of the year when the already cheap stuff on Amazon gets even cheaper — as in their prices. Sure, you’ll have discounts on products from brand names you’re familiar with, but some of the deepest discounts can be found with off-brand names. One of them that you really need to know about is Govee, a company that specializes in smart lights. 

For Prime Day, my pick goes to the Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp because it’s a mesmerizing table lamp perfect for nightstands, countertops, and work desks. It’ll complement whatever is around, without being too overpowering. What sets this apart from other connected table lamps is that it can display multiple colors at once — offering a light show that mimics a fireworks show or candle light. It’s bright and extremely vibrant too, which all helps in making it the perfect complement to any decor around the home. 

Luke Larsen

Razer DeathAdder V2 Mouse — $38, was $70

You shouldn’t have to switch mice between work and gaming. That’s just absurd – and it’s exactly the kind of situation where the Razer DeathAdder V2 shines.

This is the 2020 update to the iconic original design, which I’ve been using for many years. It’s nothing fancy, but that’s to its benefit. It has incredible performance and 8 programmable buttons for gaming, but it’s also an extremely comfortable and simple mouse for office activities. The design won’t look too out of place in your home office either.

Normally, I’d say the ergonomic shape is my favorite feature of the DeathAdder, but in this case, it’s the price. Prime Day is always a great time to buy PC peripherals, but this DeathAdder V2 deal is seriously too good to pass up, bringing the price down to just $38.

Caleb Denison

DecorStar Dual Probe Food Thermometer — $14, was $17

The difference between being a Grillmaster of your meat and a Grillmaster of defeat? Temperature. Anyone who has had a chicken breast that tasted like sawdust or a slice of pork loin tougher than a strap of leather knows that overcooked food is just the worst. For juicy cuts of meat and perfectly moist smoked brisket and ribs, striking the right internal temperature is essential. That’s why I picked up this dual probe digital thermometer from DecorStar this Amazon Prime Day.  

It’s got a backlit display, a built-in alarm that triggers when you’ve hit the desired temperature, five meat presets for easy temperature settings, but most importantly, a dual-probe design which is great for a quick check on your Ribeye steak as well as a constant read on the progress of your pork butt. At $13.59, it’s less than the cost of a quality T-bone and it will help ensure you go down as the Grillmaster of legend this summer.  

Andy Boxall

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G — $899, $1199

Why is it you’re still reading? The price of the Galaxy S21 Ultra on Prime Day should mean you have clicked the link already, it really is that good. The Galaxy S21 Ultra remains the best Android phone I’ve reviewed in 2021, and I’ve returned to using it each time my SIM card hasn’t been inside a new review phone. The thing is, I’ve looked forward to using it each time, and that’s a rare emotion for me about any phone. 

Even at the full $1,199 it’s “reasonable,” considering the brilliance of the camera, and the beautiful screen. At $900 for the 128GB version, it’s an absolute steal. You’re getting the top Galaxy S21 Ultra model yet paying just a little more than you would normally for the basic Galaxy S21. It’s just $100 more than the regular retail price of the Apple iPhone 12, and cheaper than the best value OnePlus 9 Pro model. It’s an excellent deal for a phone that will last you for years, and my personal favorite Android phone of the year. 

Drew Prindle

JBL Boombox — $275, $400

I bought one of these a couple years ago, shortly after they came out, for $450 dollars — which is admittedly a LOT of money to spend on a Bluetooth speaker. But even though it’s one of the priciest bits of electronic gear that I’ve ever purchased, I can say with full confidence that it’s worth every penny. This speaker is an absolute beast, and now that it’s only $275 during Prime Day, you should seriously consider picking one up. 

What’s so great about it? Well, in addition to the fact that it sounds fantastic both indoors and out, it’s also waterproof (IPX7), which means you don’t have to worry about leaving it out when an uninvited rain cloud swerves over your campsite or backyard barbecue. Second, it has a gargantuan battery in its belly, which allows you to blast your tunes (seriously – I’m talking full volume) for an entire day, or act as a charging station for everyone at the party. 

JBL has since released a second generation, but for $275, the first-gen Boombox is arguably the better deal.

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