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The Razer Kishi will make mobile gamers feel like they have a Nintendo Switch

The Razer Kishi floating above Earth

This story is part of our continuing coverage of CES 2020, including tech and gadgets from the showroom floor.

The biggest limitations for replicating the console experience in mobile gaming are control schemes, and accessory manufacturers have tried to address this with their own gamepads and adapters for years. Semi-successful as these are, they don’t provide the best form factor, and Razer has addressed this at CES 2020 with the Kishi, a control device that essentially turns your iOS or Android device into a Nintendo Switch.

Compatible through either USB-C or Apple’s Lightning port, the Razer Kishi controller is the next iteration on the design first introduced with the Razer Junglecat, but this time for a wider range of devices. Most games on both iOS and Android will be supported, and it’s cloud-compatible, meaning that it should work with Google Stadia. Razer has also partnered with GeForce Now as part of its Recommended program.

The Razer Kishi features a similar button layout to the Xbox One controller, with offset analog sticks, a directional pad in the bottom-left corner, and four buttons. These buttons match the Xbox layout, as well, but their colors have been swapped in a move that can only be the work of a Chaotic Evil designer. The analog sticks can also be clicked, providing two more input sources for use in more complicated games.

You will still be able to charge your device while playing the Razer Kishi, making it a great choice for playing something like Fortnite while someone else uses the television at home. It’s compatible with iOS phones going back to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and with Android devices going back to the Samsung Galaxy S8, provided that they are running Android 7.0 Nougat or up. The Kishi has been designed in partnership with Gamevice to ensure it will fit the majority of phones.

The Kishi isn’t the only Switch-like product we’ve seen at CES 2020. Alienware also demonstrated its UFO, a PC with a similar form factor, including a kickstand that can be used to keep it upright, which comes with two detachable controllers. It can also be docked into your PC, giving you the ability to play with a more traditional PC mouse-and-keyboard control scheme when you’re back home.

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