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Amazon’s Choice gaming keyboard is only $20 today

Amazon's Choice EVGA Z12 RGB Gaming Keyboard with RGB backlit keys.

We’re always on the lookout for the best budget mechanical keyboards, especially when we have confidence that we’ll be buying quality keyboards that can stand up to heavy use. Because face it, if you spend a lot of time working, designing, or especially gaming with your computer, keyboards wear out. So you want a keyboard that delivers and lasts. That’s why the Amazon’s Choice first caught our eye. But then when we saw that today’s deal price is just $20, a $30 savings from the $50 list price, we were sold. As you read on about this versatile device, we think you’ll be as impressed as we are.

First off, we need to be clear that the EVGA Z12 RGB Gaming Keyboard is indeed what the name denotes, it’s a gaming keyboard. However, the features that make for good gaming deals often translate well for personal and productivity use. For example, the EVGA Z12 has backlit LED keys, and who can’t benefit from keys that are highly visible, even when the lights are low. Water resistance is another keyboard feature many of us wish we’d had following earlier mishaps with glasses of water or other liquids. Additional useful details with the EVGA Z12 include dedicated media keys to save you time searching for multi-purpose function keys. There are also five programmable macro keys, a useful feature when you have text or command entry strings that you use often.

The EVGA Z12 RGB gaming keyboard connects to your computer with a USB cable, so you don’t need to worry about running out of battery power. Of course if you’re specifically searching for wireless keyboard deals, this keyboard isn’t for you. One thing that’s cool about the EVGA Z12 that benefits from the USB hardwire connection is the RGB LED backlighting. The LEDs are organized in five zones so you can use them to set the mood to support your gameplay or just relax. There are five pre-set LED programs plus you can customize the backlighting with EVGA’s Unleash RGB software. Finally, if you really want to get into keyboard customization, the EVGA Z12 RGB is compatible with Cherry NX stem-compatible keycaps so you can switch from the standard layout and design your own key arrangement.

So, if you’re looking for a good deal on a new keyboard that’s suitable for both gaming and productivity duty, today’s 60% savings on the EVGA Z12 RGB gaming keyboard is a no-brainer. Saving $30 off the keyboard’s $50 list price, and pay just $20 for this Amazon’s Choice device. Don’t delay because we don’t know how long the inventory will hold out, and this is such a good deal you might want to buy more than one.

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