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This mechanical gaming keyboard just dropped to $56 at GameStop – save $118

EVGA Z20 RGB Backlit LED Optical Mechanical Linear Switches Gaming Keyboard

While there are a lot of great gaming keyboard deals floating around, it’s hard to beat this one from Gamespot for the EVGA Z20, as Gamespot has it discounted to an incredible $57, down from $175, a massive $118 difference. The reason it’s so impressive is that EVGA is a well-known brand in the gaming world, making some of the best versions of GPUs on the market, as well as their PSU units that are well-known for their build quality. As such, it’s rare to see such a great product and brand discounted so low.

Why you should buy the EVGA Z20 Optical Mechanical Keyboard

If you aren’t familiar with gaming keyboards, or keyboards in general, the tech behind the buttons tends to either be a membrane, or mechanical switches, with the latter being the better option for gaming. Luckily, not only does the Z20 come with mechanical switches, but they’re upgraded Light Strike LK optical-mechanical switches, which means they have a roughly 25% higher response time, or speed, than your average mechanical switches. It also means they’re much more accurate and can sense button presses better so that you aren’t missing out on reloads or moving around the map properly. You also get to choose between clickity-sounding keys, which many folks like, or the quieter linear switches, which aren’t as loud and are great if you do a lot of typing.

As for the other features, the Z20 comes with five macro buttons, buttons that are programmable to do whatever you want in games or on your desktop, and they even come with a bumped keycap, as do the WASD buttons, although you can change them to the normal version if you prefer. Of course, the whole thing is lit up with RGB under the keycaps and on the sides, so it’s great to supplement with other RBG stuff. There are also multimedia buttons, which aren’t a big deal these days, but they’re there if you want them!

Overall, the EVGA Z20 is a great gaming keyboard if you want a good keyboard that isn’t taking a chunk out of your wallet, given the deal from Gamestop bringing it down to $57 from $175, especially since equivalent keyboards from Razer or Corsair can easily cost you $100+. While you’re here, why not check out some of our other gaming PC deals for a potential upgrade to your current rig.

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