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Looking for a Chromebook? The Google PixelBook just got a $200 price cut

Google Pixelbook running Adobe Lightroom CC

For a long time, the only two names in personal computer operating systems were Windows and Mac. The landscape has shifted a lot over the past decade, though. Linux-based Operating systems have seen increasing acceptance among everyday users who are growing less shy about breaking away from the ubiquity of Microsoft and Apple software. It’s for that reason that this discounted Google PixelBookever even came into existence.

Google jumped on this burgeoning trend with its own Linux-based computer operating system, Chrome OS, and in recent years, we’ve seen a number of great Chrome-based laptops – aptly named “Chromebooks” – burst onto the scene. Initially touted as inexpensive, compact, and lightweight alternatives to Windows laptops or Macbooks, these Chromebooks have come to compete strongly with traditional PCs, and Google’s own Pixelbook, now on sale from Amazon, is one of the best examples of these full-featured Chrome OS machines.

At a quick glance, the Google Pixelbook could easily be mistaken by the uninitiated for a Macbook: It’s got a sleek, super-slim (just over 10mm thick) aluminum-bodied design and a 12.3-inch Gorilla Glass touchscreen display with an HD resolution of 2,400 x 1,600. Our hands-on review, which named the Pixelbook the best premium Chromebook that you can buy, cited this gorgeous and vibrant display as one of the highlights of the laptop. The 360-degree hinge also lets you fold the touchscreen down flat for tablet-like use.

Under the hood, the Google Pixelbook features the same sort of hardware you’d expect to find in any modern laptop. It runs on a 7th-gen Intel Core i5 CPU and 8GB of memory, which provide plenty of power for snappy web browsing, video streaming, work multi-tasking, and other everyday tasks. The 128GB of solid state flash storage also gives you enough space for files and software like Google Drive (which is great for maximizing your disk space), Gmail, YouTube, and countless other Chrome OS and Android apps.

Along with the intuitive, bloat-free, and self-updating Chrome OS software, the Pixelbook laptop comes loaded with the Google Assistant smart helper already built-in (the first laptop of its kind to do so), which can perform a wide variety of tasks similar to Amazon’s Alexa AI. This premium Chromebook is on sale right now from Amazon, too, with a 20 percent discount of $200 letting you score it for just $799 for a limited time.

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