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How to post a job on Google and hire the best candidates

In recent times, Google has made it even easier for companies to successfully advertise their job ads online. With Google for Jobs, potential candidates can easily check out the dedicated job search tool and see exactly what’s out there across a series of popular job search boards and sites. While it’s possible to use your company’s website to advertise a job and potentially feature on Google, the more effective solution is to use a job board that is integrated with Google for Jobs. Your ad and others will feature at the top of the search results, instantly giving your candidates key insight. Interested in learning more? We’ve picked out the seven best ways to post a job on Google so you can seek out the best future employee for your company.

Best Overall: ZipRecruiter

The ZipRecruiter logo pictured on a laptop display.
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Besides offering integration within Google so your ads will be more prominently displayed, ZipRecruiter is also one of the most reliable names around when it comes to finding jobs, as well as putting out ads for new hires. Placing an opening on ZipRecruiter doesn’t just place it on Google for Jobs. It also connects to more than 100 job boards so your job listing is shown across a huge network of places where someone might be seeking out a new opportunity or career. That saves you the time in manually creating job listings at every source, while also giving you the best chance of finding the ideal candidate for you.

ZipRecruiter saves time elsewhere too. It automatically screens potential hires that are a good fit. From there, the strong candidate is encouraged to contact you directly so you don’t have to wait for them to find your ad amongst a myriad of options. The process is conducted via both email and mobile notifications so they won’t miss out on a chance to see your listing fast.

Once a list of strong candidates has been collated, you can then sort and screen applicants depending on your needs. There’s a plethora of filters to narrow things down. When creating a job ad, you also get a similar wealth of options with more than 500 customizable job templates to get you started with screening questions that help you rule out issues before you get to the interview stage. In many cases, employers find excellent candidates within just one day of posting their listing so this is a great way of finding the best candidate fast. If you’re looking for the widest net to cast, you can’t go wrong with how well ZipRecruiter works.


LinkedIn logo
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More commonly regarded as a professional networking site, LinkedIn has also become a great place for finding new hires. Fortunately, any job ads listed here are also displayed on Google. One of the strongest things about LinkedIn is that as a networking site in the conventional sense, you can quickly discover if new employees are recommended by colleagues and contacts you already know. That’s particularly useful if you work in a complex or niche field where specialisms are even more important than usual.

LinkedIn requires a little more effort than the average job site as it’s a smart idea to have an active presence to learn more about hires and see what’s out there, but there are plenty of benefits to gain from this approach. Posting a listing is free with the paid service LinkedIn Recruiter allowing for an unlimited number of them, as well as more advanced search filters. By paying, you also gain access to LinkedIn’s internal messaging service, InMail, which is convenient for getting in contact with people you’re not connected to. It’s also possible to pay for the Job Slots section so your job ad is placed at the top of search results and within personalized job seeker emails so if your candidate has missed out on seeing you on Google, you’ll show up here.

The service also recommends appropriate candidates for you, and it prioritizes the ones most likely to respond to your ad. Crucially, it all forms together to make LinkedIn a more personal service than your standard job board while still giving you a wide reach via Google and other integrations. It’s particularly ideal for seeking out more experienced recruits due to the nature and reputation of LinkedIn so if you need someone established in their field, this should be a place to consider.


Indeed logo.
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Indeed is one of the biggest job search sites in the world. Much of that success is thanks to it being entirely free to create an account to post a basic job opening. It’s possible to add a simple description along with the skills you’re looking for, and go from there. However, it’s worth paying, as you can sponsor job listings to attract more attention for your company as well as gain instant access to any strong candidates that Indeed has identified as matching your needs. By doing so, you can invite them to apply instead of having to wait for them to find your ad. Of course, Google integration will help with making sure you’re more easily spotted among the many other job listings out there.

Indeed offers more than just simple ways to post ads. It also provides an automated process so you can instantly schedule interviews without having to think too deeply about scheduling conflicts. It’s a great time saver. You can easily conduct virtual interviews via the website or app itself, further saving time and effort. There are extensive filters too for when you’re searching through its database, while a company review section is perfect for highlighting positive comments your current employees have about your firm. After all, word of mouth and positive feedback is the best way of encouraging someone to entice others into applying to your company.

While Indeed can get expensive depending on the options you choose, being able to start with a free ad is a great way of seeing who’s out here. The site and app’s extensive functionality makes it incredibly convenient and while Indeed is the largest and most-used job search site around, you are guaranteed to be noticed. That’s even more the case when you consider the job on Google integration.

Career Builder

CareerBuilder logo
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Another popular option, Career Builder, has over 80 million resumes. Even better for many companies, it tends to focus on high-end candidates so if you’re looking to fill a senior role, this is a good place to list your job ad. Its underlying software is used by firms like Amazon, Hilton, Wells Fargo, and many other Fortune 500 companies so it’s well-suited for highly professional roles. Career Builder offers a Talent Discovery Platform service so you can streamline the candidates available with automatic matches. Before you get to that stage, you can also rely on the site’s pre-written job descriptions that are powered by AI to ensure you’re noticed by the candidates you want most.

Career Builder throws in many useful extras too. For instance, you can gain more insight about each candidate than just their resume. It’s also possible to see salaries your competitors are offering for similar positions so you know exactly how to look more eye-catching to your ideal candidate. There’s a Social Referral system so your existing employees can easily share your vacancies on their social networks, and that way, you’ll receive applications from well-recommended candidates.

It’s possible to receive up to 25 alerts a day when a new candidate is matched with your role, so you’ll always feel in control. You can also send your listings to targeted groups to see if you can attract attention from key people. It’s even possible to set up a branded career website or devise in-person or virtual hiring events via Career Builder. The site only allows for single job posts to be active for 30 days so this is a more short-term recruitment endeavor than some options, but it’s extensive in how it helps you search and connect during this time.


Monster logo.
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Calling Monster well-established is an understatement. It’s one of the oldest job sites around but it remains a good option even despite newer competition. Google integration means your job ad will be easily sought out by potential candidates but Monster goes much further than that. It includes thousands of job descriptions so you can be inspired on how to design your listing, even if you’re not sure where to begin. It’s straightforward to use too although oftentimes, job listings don’t offer much in-depth information so this is the perfect time to carefully craft your ad to stand out from the crowd. In particular, you can point out benefits adjacent to your salary range so that amongst the huge database, your job ad is most prominent for clarity.

Thanks to Monster’s reputation, it offers a steady range of both blue and white-collar positions so whatever your business type, you’ll be covered here. Monster also ensures that it emails your ad to candidates that are a good match. From there, you get candidate rankings and scores so you can quickly see who is likely to be a good fit for your business. Through the candidate dashboard, you can easily track your listings and searches with extensive filtering options. It’s also possible to automatically send follow-up messages to candidates if you’re keen to be proactive at all times.

Granted, if you use something like ZipRecruiter, your post is automatically added to Monster so it could be better to pursue this route, but Monster is still worth checking out. It’s easy to use and offers a clear pricing policy so it’s best suited to smaller businesses on tighter budgets, but still keen to find the perfect candidate for their firm.


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A little different from the rest, Glassdoor is part job site and part company review outlet. It collects reviews and salary information from over a million different companies. It allows employees to see exactly what they should expect from a firm. For you, that means a great opportunity to showcase what an excellent employer you are. Alongside that, Glassdoor offers over nine million job listings so you can endeavor to stand out from the crowd.

Besides posting a job listing, you can also add details on why someone would want to work at your company. In conjunction with your ad, Glassdoor includes an overall rating for your company along with detailed scores for salary, culture, career progression, and work/life balance. It truly gives potential candidates key insight into what to expect when working for you. Candidates can add their company preferences allowing you to check them and see if they’re a good fit for what you’re looking for. It’s a little more personal than relying on cold resumes that only get to the basics of someone’s career so far.

Of course, you’ll need to make sure you have a solid reputation in your field but you can still respond to reviews that have been posted. It’s also possible to add information about your Diversity and Inclusion initiatives to help encourage candidates. Extensive analysis is available too for industry reports, audience targeting insights, and even sending company updates to target audiences. It’s a bit more complex than your standard job search site so probably best suited for larger companies, but you can’t really put a price on having a good reputation among jobseekers. It’s worth putting the time in, plus you’ll still feature on Google too.


Wellfound logo.
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Previously known as AngelList, Wellfound focuses on smaller startup companies as well as those looking to work for one. That might not sound exciting to you but in the past, AngelList/Wellfound has been used by Peloton, Plaid, NerdWallet, DoorDash, and Roblox so this isn’t a small-fry startup job search website. It offers more than 8 million candidates from around the world, all keen to be involved in the dynamic and fast-paced startup scene.

It’s a good place for businesses seeking out remote or freelance workers. There are extensive filters so you can look for candidates based on their time zone, specific skill set, or nearly anything else that might occur to you. While there may be fewer ads on the site than some of the bigger names above, that means this is your chance to stand out when seeking out a candidate who thinks outside the box more than the competition may provide. You’ll need to be willing to list salaries and equity options early on as well as list how much investment you’ve raised, so it won’t suit all firms, but it’s a positive take on job seeking that’s often excessively private and restrictive. You can even look up candidates based on their ideal workplace so it’s perfect if personality is as important as skillsets in your industry.

Wellfound does have some caveats. Of course, it’s squarely focused on startups so if this isn’t you, you may wish to look elsewhere. It also focuses on distinctly white-collar roles like marketing, software development, design, and other tech-related or adjacent fields. Again, this may not suit everyone, but if that’s your specialism, it’s hard to fault.

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