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Best Google Pixel 8 Pro deals: Save $1,000 on the best Pixel phone

Google Pixel 8 Pro in a case showing off a custom AI generated wallpaper.
Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

For the best phone deals relating to the Google Pixel 8 Pro, keep reading. Appreciating what a highly sought-after phone it continues to be, we’ve tracked down all the best Google Pixel 8 Pro deals currently available. Scroll down and you’ll find all the best prices along with everything you could want to know about the Google Pixel 8 Pro in case you still haven’t fully committed to buying one.

Today’s best Google Pixel 8 Pro deals

The best Google Pixel 8 Pro deals are fairly varied. That means you can buy it unlocked at a great discount, but you can also trade in your old phone and acquire the Google Pixel 8 Pro at a super low price when you commit to a cell phone provider. Whatever feels like the best idea for you, take a look below at the highlights.

  • : Get the Google Pixel 8 Pro for $200 off and pay $799 instead of $999.
  • : Trade in a phone for up to $325 off or pay $799 instead of $999 for the phone.
  • : Get $1,040 trade-in credit over 36 months depending on the phone you trade in.
  • : Get up to $1,000 of trade-in credit when you trade in a select phone.
  • : Get up to $800 off via phone trade-in paid across 24 monthly bill credits.
  • : Get up to $250 off with a phone trade-in.
  • : Save $100 when you trade in your phone at the same time.

Should you buy the Google Pixel 8 Pro?

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is the best Pixel phone around. Having only launched in late 2023, we can’t see there being an update any time soon meaning now is a good time to buy one. It offers Google’s phone design yet with a great display and set of cameras.

Its 6.7-inch OLED display offers a 2992 x 1344 resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate which can scale down to 1Hz as needed. It goes up to 1,600 nits of brightness for HDR content or 2,400 nits for peak brightness. That’s superior to the latest iPhones so it looks great. Adding to the reasons why if you’re comparing Google Pixel 8 Pro and Google Pixel 8, you should go Pro is the camera setup.

There’s a 50MP main camera with f/1.68 aperture and 2x optical zoom. There’s also a 48MP ultrawide camera with f/1.95 aperture, and a 48MP telephoto lens as well. A 10.5MP front-facing camera is the same as the 8 except it supports autofocus, unlike the fixed focus of the cheaper phone. AI photo editing means the results look great.

There are also useful extras like a temperature sensor built-in while Face Unlock works brilliantly. Remarkably, it all comes together to mean you get the best Android experience even when pitting the Google Pixel 8 Pro against the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The only letdown is mediocre battery life but it’s not the worst and it doesn’t do much to stop the Google Pixel 8 Pro being one of the best Android phones. After all, most of us are used to recharging our phones overnight anyhow so it’s no big hit.

More affordable than some of the other best phones around, the Google Pixel 8 Pro may not quite have the style of a Samsung Galaxy flagship phone, but it’s packed with everything you could need. Fast performing, with a great camera, and the purist Android 14 experience, it’s ideal for anyone who wants a high-end phone that will be supported for a long time to come.

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